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Is It Worth Migrating to the Cloud?

Lower costs and happier employees: How Skaylink helped a customer in deciding for a new infrastructure during the orientation phase.

Alternatives to the data center

A crucial disadvantage of “on-premises”: Capacities are fixed and cannot be easily expanded or scaled back.

A customer who ran an online shop on their own servers was also struggling with this problem. In order to be able to scale in case of temporary peaks caused by special promotions or flash sales, they had to maintain a high server capacity throughout the year. Successful growth required the hardware to be refreshed and the customer was looking for options to minimize their costs in this area. Skaylink supported the customer in the Assess phase.


Understanding internal structures and taking employees on board

Previously, the customer had not yet addressed the topic of the cloud due to the on-premises operation of their own data center. Therefore, Skaylink’s experts first had to check to what extent the company’s structures were ready for the cloud. They checked the workloads in the infrastructure and assessed their criticality. From the findings, the team evaluated a cloud report that showed how the workloads could be built in the AWS cloud. The costs of the cloud approach were compared to the current on-premises solution and a path was outlined for a smooth migration with no downtime of the shop website. In parallel, a Cloud Advisory Workshop was held – the first in a series of workshops designed to give the staff a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the cloud.  At the end of the process, the customer decided to take the next step towards the cloud with a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA).

25% cost savings through cloud infrastructure

In the next phase, the customer was clearly shown the costs, the final infrastructure and how to get there. The customer received all the information needed to make the best decision for their company.

In the customer’s case, the cloud architecture should be designed for high elasticity. In conjunction with Auto Scaling Groups and elastic load balancers, ongoing costs can be reduced. The switch from on-premises to cloud infrastructure is associated with a cost saving of around 25% for the company. 

The workshops also created a general basis for the topic of cloud in order to successfully tackle the next transformation steps. Motivated employees thus formed the basis for the migration project. The preparatory work clearly showed that the step into the cloud is the right one for the customer.

The next step is to move from the planning phase to the implementation process in order to really take advantage of cloud benefits such as elasticity and scalability.

Facts & Numbers

cost savings

when using a cloud infrastructure


for the topic of the cloud
among employees

Increased scalability

through the use of Auto Scaling Groups

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