Modern workplace

Creating a digital workplace with cloud technologies

Technological advancement and societal changes have led to a transformational shift in the way we work. Organizations today demand flexibility – employees must be able to work from anywhere, seamlessly, and securely, as if in the same location.

It’s not just organizations that demand that flexibility. Comfortable remote working arrangements and productivity tools enable employers to attract and retain top talent through improved job satisfaction.

An organization has so much to gain from proper implementation of modern, cloud-based collaboration and device-agnostic remote working tools for the modern workplace. Yet there are critical stumbling blocks and pitfalls Skaylink’s modern workplace experts can help you avoid. More than that, we can work with you to tap into potential you never knew was there – ready to be unlocked with the right IT infrastructure and governance.

Skaylink has you covered:

  • Modern Work Strategy
  • Digital Work Use Case Discovery
  • Microsoft 365 Workplace 
  • Secure Productivity 
  • Secure Managed Endpoints
  • Tenant & Cloud Migration

Laying a technological foundation

Your IT infrastructure needs to meet certain key expectations on both the users and infrastructure sides:

Users need a system that allows them to work productively. It should be somewhat satisfying to work with, allowing them to collaborate effectively and work flexibly in any environment. It should ultimately improve their experience as a member of your organization.

Your cloud infrastructure must support these user needs, while also ensuring full compliance and top security. The systems should be reliable, with sufficient redundancy and recovery systems to ensure any disruption is both highly unlikely and minimal. All this also needs to remain easily manageable for your IT department.

Work with Skaylink for expert guidance to implement your ideal modern workplace solution:

  • Employee-centric workplace
  • Intelligent Intranet
  • AI-powered Knowledge Management
  • Connected Frontline Workers
  • Digital Process Transformation
  • Learning & Adoption

Microsoft 365:
Synonymous with secure and modern working

Skaylink can set you up for success with the Microsoft Modern Workplace.
You’ll have access to a suite of modern applications to revolutionize the way you and your teams work. We can support you with everything from implementation through
 to rollout and training. Let’s make the most out of your new Microsoft Modern Workplace.

Help your employees embrace digital working methods

Digital work isn’t “work” without the people part: Get your employees on board with this transition by familiarizing them with the new technologies. With our help, your people will be ready to adopt new tools and embrace new productivity improvements.

Strategies include:

  • Use case discovery
  • Employee communication
  • Employee empowerment and education
  • Digital championship and multiplier programs

Boost workplace productivity

A modern, digital workplace environment optimizes employee performance and output. Fully integrated cloud solutions promote productivity among people, automation of manual tasks, and ongoing innovation.

Tools include:

  • Microsoft 365 Suite
  • Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Teams Meeting and Calling
  • Power Platform
  • Viva Employee Experience
  • Exchange Messaging
Support working from anywhere with any device

Uniform zero-touch deployment is the backbone of a good hybrid work environment. This approach allows employees to work remotely from wherever they may be, at any time.

Technologies include:

  • Intune NexGen Windows Management
  • Intune Mobile Device and App Management
  • Windows 11 and Windows 365
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
Maintain security and compliance in a hybrid work environment

Consistent implementation of a zero-trust securitymodel facilitates unambiguous identity-based access management while providinga full overview of the state of your infrastructure.

Products include:

  • Microsoft Entra ID
  • Microsoft Defender XDR
  • Microsoft Purview
  • Microsoft Priva


Realize the potential

Modernize your workflows and help your employees to fully embrace and understand the benefits of your new productivity tools. That’s when you’ll start seeing the real the bottom-line impact of your modern workplace transition.
Maximize productivity while avoiding cyber incidents: Migrate to a secure Microsoft Modern Workplace with Skaylink.

Are you interested in all this as a fully done-for-you, managed service? We can help with that, too – just get in touch.

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