Data, Analytics 
& AI

At Skaylink we are passionate about helping businesses harness the potential of their data. Whether you’re migrating data, modernizing your infrastructure,  integrating and building AI solutions or adopting Copilot we’ve got you covered.

Unlocking the Power of Data in the Cloud

If your data is languishing in an old, on-premises warehouse, it’s time to take action. Legacy systems can be costly and inefficient. Our expertise lies in seamlessly migrating your data to the cloud, where it can thrive. 

The true value lies in giving your data the right capabilities. From robust infrastructure to advanced analytics, we ensure your data foundations are primed for growth. After all, data isn’t just a commodity; it’s a strategic asset.

Exciting opportunities await with generative AI. But success hinges on preparation. We not only showcase what’s achievable with IoT, AI/ML industrialization, and cutting-edge technologies like OpenAI and CoPilot but we also deliver tangible results. No hype—just practical outcomes.

We work with the major public cloud providers and have extensive experience with all the relevant tools and services within Data, Analytics & AI. 

Get the foundation right

Modern Data Platform

A robust modern data platform serves as the bedrock for successful data-driven initiatives. It integrates data from diverse sources, facilitates real-time processing, and empowers analytics. Our team architects scalable, secure, and future-proof data platforms tailored to your unique needs.

Legacy data and systems give room for innovation

Data Migration & Modernization

Data migration and modernization are pivotal for organizations aiming to stay agile and competitive. Whether transitioning to cloud-based solutions or upgrading legacy systems, efficient data migration ensures seamless continuity. Our experts guide you through the process, minimizing disruptions and maximizing data…

Welcome to the future of AI

Generative AI

Generative AI and large language models transcend traditional rule-based models. It creates novel content, designs, and solutions by learning patterns from existing data. 

Harness the mountain of potential in your own business

AI & Machine Learning

AI and machine learning drive transformative outcomes for industrialisation and at the edge. We can support to establish your AI foundation, MLOps workflows and proven AI governance. We can help you roll out AI models to you IoT devices, allowing for instant intelligent decision making.

Opportunities at the Edge


We can help you connect, integrate and manage your devices and sensors, collect and process your IoT data, and build smart applications that leverage IoT insights. We use the most reliable and secure IoT platforms and solutions to help you unlock the potential of IoT for your business.

Seeing is believing

BI & Data Visualization

Data without insights is like a compass without a map. Our business intelligence (BI) and data visualization consultants, will help you transform raw data into actionable insights. We create intuitive dashboards, interactive reports, and visual narratives that empower your stakeholders to make informed decisions.

A helper just at your fingertips

Copilot Adoption

Learn the key steps to successfully adopt Microsoft 365 Copilot’s AI capabilities in your organization. Get IT buy-in, move to the cloud, understand licensing, prioritize data governance, drive user adoption, and leverage experienced guidance for maximum productivity.


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