Technology and ISVs

Cloud solutions for technology and independent software vendors

Propel technology and software innovation with DevOps best practices and agile cloud infrastructure. 

Tech firms and independent software vendors (ISVs) have long been aware of the benefits of cloud technologies. This sector continues to expand, evolve, and become increasingly competitive, meaning any serious player must enact an appropriate cloud strategy with the right infrastructure and DevOps best practices to stay ahead. 

Opportunities lie in enhanced agility and adaptability – with cloud development, rapid iteration, collaboration tools, seamless integration, automated testing, continuous delivery and all-round efficient deployment. Yet there are challenges right now and on the horizon. Are you thinking about AI and machine learning tools? Are you ready for edge computing? 

You need an ally in this evolving cloud, technology, and software ecosystem – and you’ve found us. We’re the techies our fellow techies seek out to guide them through the wilderness. 

Ready to scale

Flexible solutions can be tailored to meet your demands – always in a cost-effective and scalable way. Implement platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings as required to further reduce complexity and maximize efficiency.

Strategic DevOps

Align your software development lifecycles with your objectives through DevOps training and best practices for better collaboration, faster delivery, and consistent quality. Adapt and act faster to stay ahead.


Be ready for microservices, containerization, AI, and other emerging technologies. Skaylink can help you incorporate the latest technologies for intelligent and context-aware applications.

Enhanced security

Protect your intellectual property at every stage of development. Safeguard critical data and infrastructure during live operation. Identify threats and reduce risks to ensure consistent service delivery for users. 


Cloud tech for techies

Technology innovation made easier with best-in-class cloud support.

Technology providers and independent software vendors largely understand the value of the cloud – that makes them rightly picky when choosing the right cloud experts to support them in their ambitions. Work with a trusted team of cloud technology experts with experience working with, training, and supporting fellow innovators with custom cloud strategies.

Speak to Skaylink’s cloud experts to get started.