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Transformation of Girteka’s AWS infrastructure management

The transformation of Girteka Group’s AWS infrastructure exemplifies strategic technology alignment to meet logistics industry demands. Overcoming challenges in AWS organization setup, transparent management, automation, cost optimization, service migration, and consultation, Skaylink delivered comprehensive solutions.


Our client Girteka Group is the largest European asset-based transportation company, delivering more than 776,000 full truck loads (FTLs) every year, with more than 9200 fully owned trucks and 9800 trailers that operate in Europe. Girteka have a clear aim to be the obvious first choice for clients, colleagues, partners, the community, and shareholders.

Every day, Girteka strive to provide the best experience possible and ensure their customers’ highest transportation service reliability. With more than 23,000 passionate employees, they are making a meaningful impact on the future of logistics. They are committed to highlighting the importance of the driver’s job, road safety, and environmental impact and raising awareness of the responsibility everyone of us has towards society and our surroundings. Girteka secure profitable and sustainable growth with our partners and shareholders through state-of-the-art digital solutions that drive us towards the future.

In the dynamic world of logistics, Girteka, a prominent player in the industry, recognized the need to optimize its digital infrastructure to keep pace with growing demands. Central to this transformation was the management of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, which powered essential applications such as SAP, Business Intelligence, and several other mission-critical systems. To achieve this, Girteka turned to Skaylink, a renowned AWS infrastructure management service provider known for its commitment to best practices and alignment with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Challenges faced

  1. AWS organization setup: Skaylink embarked on the complex task of setting up an enterprise-level multi-account AWS organization. This strategic move aimed to improve resource allocation, enhance security, and streamline account management across Girteka’s sprawling AWS environment.
  2. Transparent management and billing: To bring transparency to AWS operations, Skaylink implemented a meticulous management and billing process that extended across all AWS accounts, including the central management account. This initiative was pivotal in gaining real-time insights into resource consumption and cost allocation.
  3. Automation with Lambda functions: Recognizing the need for operational efficiency, Skaylink automated routine tasks and actions through the deployment of Lambda functions. This not only reduced manual interventions but also ensured the swift execution of critical processes.
  4. Cost optimization: Leveraging the power of AWS savings plans, Skaylink meticulously crafted cost optimization strategies. These strategies not only reduced operational expenditure but also laid the foundation for long-term fiscal responsibility.
  5. Service migration initiatives: Skaylink actively participated in Girteka’s migration initiatives, facilitating the seamless transition of services from on-premises environments to AWS. This involved detailed planning, execution, and ongoing optimization to guarantee a successful migration journey.
  6. Consultation services: As an outsourced AWS architecture and management team, Skaylink played a pivotal role in guiding application and service owners. This consultancy extended beyond infrastructure management, empowering owners with AWS best practices and insights to maximize the potential of AWS services.

Solutions implemented

In the face of these challenges, Skaylink delivered effective solutions by:

  • Establishing a robust AWS organization, architecting a multi-account structure that improved resource management and security
  • Implementing transparent management and billing processes, enabling Girteka to gain granular insights into AWS costs and utilization
  • Introducing automation through Lambda functions, reducing manual effort and enabling swift response to operational needs
  • Crafting detailed cost optimization strategies that resulted in substantial savings and ongoing fiscal responsibility
  • Collaborating closely on service migration initiatives, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud and optimizing resources post-migration
  • Providing expert guidance and consultation services to application and service owners, helping them harness the full potential of AWS services

Technologies Used

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. AWS Well-Architected Framework
  3. Lambda functions for automation
  4. AWS Savings Plans for cost optimization

Positive outcomes

The collaboration between Girteka and Skaylink yielded impressive results:

  • Drastic improvements in AWS infrastructure efficiency and cost optimization
  • Enhanced control and transparency over AWS resources, fostering greater trust and accountability.
  • Streamlined management and billing processes, saving valuable time and resources
  • Successful migration of critical services from on-premises environments to AWS, resulting in enhanced scalability and agility
  • Empowered application and service owners with AWS best practices, enabling them to innovate and adapt to evolving business needs

Skaylink’s expertise in AWS architecture and management not only transformed Girteka’s AWS infrastructure but also positioned them as a trusted partner for AWS services provisioning and management. This case study exemplifies the successful collaboration between Girteka and Skaylink, setting a benchmark for AWS excellence in the logistics industry.

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