Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is what makes cloud computing possible. The flexibility, scalability and all-round efficiency enabled by access to adaptable hardware and software data processing capabilities unlocks untold possibilities and innovation potential.

Soar through the cloud with Skaylink

Wherever you are on your cloud journey right now, Skaylink can take you to where you want to be.
Our people work hand in hand with yours to help you get the most out of your cloud infrastructure. Strategy, migration, or ongoing operations – we have the expertise, experience, and proven toolkit to realize every cloud ambition.

For seamless scalability

Cloud landing zones

Lay the foundations of success with a cloud landing zone – a strategic framework to guide you through the process of adopting cloud services. This blueprint for successful cloud integration allows us to focus on architecture and scalability – with top-notch security and infallible compliance. Add in our expert guidance, and you’re ready for lift off.

Unleash innovation potential

Containers and Kubernetes

Accelerate application development with containers and Kubernetes. Containers allow developers to encapsulate applications and their dependencies for maximum reliability and portability across a range of platforms. Kubernetes, in turn, is an open-source and fully portable container management platform that automates the deployment and management of containers.

Maximize your flexibility

Hybrid, private, and sovereign clouds

Skaylink understands the benefits of each approach, offering both hybrid and private cloud technologies with an optional sovereign cloud implementation for maximum flexibility, security, and control.

Optimize operational efficiency


Get the most out of your cloud investment with Skaylink’s FinOps (a fusion of “Finance” and “DevOps”) expertise. Our consultants can help you implement this cultural and operational framework to optimize your ROI while accelerating innovation. 

Highest reliability thanks to SRE

Site reliability engineering

This approach applies software engineering approaches to infrastructure and operations, ultimately creating strong and scalable systems. 

Premium partner to the major hyperscalers

While we remain proudly cloud-agnostic, our relationships with the major hyperscalers mean we have the experts and experience to help you get the most out of their platforms and tools.

As part of an array of cloud migration tools at our disposal, we use the AWS MAP (Migration Acceleration Program) for migrations to Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft provides a range of tools to support an efficient migration to the Azure Cloud. We follow the Azure Migrate approach to ensure things go smoothly.


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