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Norwegian Red Handling in Oslo fully automates its payroll system in just three months

The modernization of the manual system frees up a lot of time and provides a reliable and efficient user-friendly portal for handling payrolls automatically.

The Norwegian story began almost three decades ago – the company was founded in 1993 but only began operating as a low-cost carrier with Boeing 737 aircraft in 2002. Norwegian is the biggest low-cost carrier in Scandinavia.

With the rapid growth of business in Norwegian they decided to expand their business division on providing airport ground handling services (Red Handling) in OSL Gardermoen Airport.

The challenge

cVation part of Skaylink was to provide resource planning consultancy to help Norwegian on optimizing their revenue of ground handling business with both managing, forecasting, utilizing the employee resources and skillset. In order to achieve these goals in 3 months, cVation part of Skaylink developed a ‘Time & Absence’ and payroll calculation system which complied with Norwegian’s CBA to capture attendance and track the employee’s working hours simultaneously for the ground operation.

Up until before this project, the OSL Red Handling’s payroll was based on manual calculations. These were prone to error, and for the people handling the payrolls it was very time-consuming to apply the rules of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) before processing the payrolls.

OSL Red Handling’s payroll calculations are complex, they consist of a fixed wage paid, shift allowance, vacation and absences deduction, bank holiday overtime, staggered overtime, normal overtime and overtime addition from 25%, 100% and up to 170% according to the rules of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The solution

Norwegian Red Handling in Oslo commenced work on an automated payroll calculation together with cVation three months ago. The solution that was developed consisted of:

  • A web application that allows employees to clock in and clock out of their shifts.
  • Integration between SAP and the Airport Management System used in Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.
  • Configuration of rules for rostering of employees based on forecasted workloads and skills.
  • Automated process that handles absences, overtime and allowances each month.

Technology implemented

Red Handling’s payroll system at OSL is developed by Microsoft technologies applications and dataservices such as:

  • Azure App Service Plan
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Functions

The solution is set up as a managed service for the client, which means that it is fully hosted by cVation and neither requires resources for training nor on operating Azure from the client’s side.

“Norwegian Red Handling at OSL is thrilled with the efficiency gains achieved through our new system. The seamless integration and innovative solutions provided by cVation have significantly reduced our operational time and effort.”

The result

The new solution gave Red Handling at OSL a payroll system which is now fully automated that complies with the CBA. It saves time and reduces the risk of human errors. It also allows for re-runs, for example in the case where too many absences were not registered or approved. This has freed a lot of time for the people handling the manual payroll calculation and they now have more time for other important work.

Next up is a similar, automated process for Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, Denmark. It’s a different country, hence another CBA must be accounted for.

“Before, I had to manually track the working hours of all 180 employees, so this new system has saved me a lot of time. I guess you could say my workday is now 80% more efficient, with time for the right tasks.”


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