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Passwordless - the perfect solution?

Learn more about Passwordless Authentication in our webinar on June 21.

The changing financial industry

On June 09, we’ll be talking online about digital transformation in the financial industry.

Whitepaper Cloud Journey (German)

Your path to the digital enterprise. A compact summary of best practices and know-how.

Why Skaylink

The best of all worlds: Certified competence for your business!

Skaylink accelerates your cloud initiatives and reduces the cost, time, and risk. Our more than 500 skilled experts will support your digital journey from Datacenter Operations to App Modernization in the Cloud. Thanks to more than 300 cloud experts across all cloud hyperscalers, you will get a complete portfolio of services from one single provider.

Your Cloud Journey
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Private cloud, public cloud, AWS, Azure, or hybrid. We have the solution for you and can get you started right away.

Industry Leading Cloud Implementation

With our Skaylink Cloud Framework, we accelerate your time-to-value. We handle you Cloud baselining, create landing zones according to best practices for architecture and cost management while automating future cloud provisioning.

Cloud Architects

As one of the largest providers of cloud architects focused on AWS, Azure, and Hybrid Cloud, we have experts for every use case scenario. Experts with industry focus additionally provide valuable benchmarks for your digital journey.

Strategic partnerships

AWS Partner

Strategic path to the cloud without stumbling blocks

Read here in the blog how Skaylink's cloud baselining simplifies your entry into the cloud.

With security into the cloud

Secure collaboration with M365 from cross-country locations for the new way of working plus security concept with M365 & Azure.

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Why do companies choose Skaylink? Because they want a partner with experience and expertise to step into their cloud journey at any time and reliably take them to their destination.

  • Infrastructure Services

  • Cloud Platform Services

  • Application Services

  • Business Services

  • Collaborative Services

  • Data Analytics Services

  • Compliance, Governance, Security

Technical partners

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