Cloud solutions for the automotive sector

Optimizing digital processes to realize the dream of connected cars, smart and autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation and road intelligence

Cloud technologies are accelerating change in the automotive sector. The right digital strategy can powerfully optimize and accelerate manufacturing processes – but also unlock potential for drivers and their fellow road users, making connected cars a reality.

Skaylink has extensive experience supporting automotive sector clients with their digitalization strategies. Your people and their experience are vital – let’s work together to explore the potential we can unlock with cloud integrations and technologies.

In the face of changing regulations and strict requirements, we’ll be at your side to help you navigate all challenges. When you need cloud expertise for an unusual innovation, you know who to call.

Wherever your digitalization journey takes you, it pays to have us in your back seat.

Big data and machine learning

Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are key requirements for smart factories. We have extensive experience in all these areas, as well as monitoring technologies for various manufacturing and engineering systems.

App migration and modernization

Digitalization means many applications will need updating with the latest technologies to unlock their full potential. We consult with you to fully understand your systems and select the best approach for your cloud migration and cloud strategy.

Process optimization

With speedy manufacturing, changing markets, and global growth, it can be hard to stay ahead of the competition. Digitalization is the best (if only remaining) lever available for further process optimization. Let’s refine your edge together.

Autonomous driving

This ambitious vision depends on cloud technologies for vehicle-to-vehicle communication and integration with traffic lights, congestion warning systems, and other road infrastructure. We’ve already worked on autonomous driving technologies for commercial vehicles.


Accelerating automotive innovation

Stay ahead of the game with first-class cloud technologies
The automotive sector is moving fast – and those who fail to innovate and optimize their processes with the latest cloud infrastructure will find themselves left at the curb.

Work with a trusted team of cloud experts who understand and can help you get the most out of the latest automotive sector innovations.
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