Financial Services

Cloud solutions for the finance, banking and insurance sectors

Enabling regulated financial services providers to navigate cloud security, reliability and compliance challenges with confidence.

Skaylink works with banks and insurance companies across Europe to implement their digital strategy in a way that delivers top performance alongside full compliance with ever-evolving regulatory standards, no matter where you are based or where you do business.

Digital strategy is about more than just the technical implementation – we establish seamless collaboration between IT and business units, streamlining processes through automated workflows tailored to your needs. Everyone is consulted, all needs are considered. This is vital to get the most out of your efforts.

IT departments in the financial services sector must be able to adapt products, processes, and customer channels fast and on demand as needs evolve. Skaylink’s role is to provide the infrastructure, guidance, and in-house expertise to react flexibly to growing technical expectations. With deep understanding of how everything works, even the most intricate of new compliance requirements can be met with ease.

Our experts have extensive experience meeting the diverse needs of the financial services sector. Work with us for confident assistance and peace of mind for the challenges that lie ahead.

Regulatory compliance

Expert guidance and consulting to help you navigate and enable straightforward compliance with any and all regulatory standards, worldwide.

Sophisticated security

A holistic approach to security using cutting-edge assessment tools to fortify your operations, mitigate threats, and maintain security.

Best practices

Custom solutions can integrate internal and external regulatory needs, building strong governance structures aligned with industry best practices.

Digital roadmap

Clearly defined strategy-driven steps to modernize legacy systems, enhancing agility and scalability while maintaining functionality.

Skaylink have expert knowledge in all financial regulatory frameworks, focusing on IT-related regulations overseen by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Key regulations include VAIT, BAIT, KAIT, and ZAIT. Additionally, we’re closely monitoring the impending Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), set to impact all EU FSI participants by 2025. Despite BaFin’s proactive stance, DORA is expected to revolutionize IT practices across the financial sector.

Skaylink is dedicated to guiding clients through the upcoming regulatory challenges.


Digitalization done right

Modernization with compliance for the financial services sector
Many in the financial services sector rightly worry about what digitalization could mean for them. When you’re already subject to heavy regulation and scrutiny, you need to get things right.
Work with a trusted team of cloud experts with experience helping organizations like yours embrace innovation with peace of mind.

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