Unlock your cloud potential with Skaylink. Maximize the value of your cloud investment with specialist support tailored to the needs of your business.

Strategy beyond standardization

We have a treasure trove of standardized services at our disposal, but our real strength lies in our capacity for close collaboration, custom development, and embedded teams for effective knowledge transfer. Clouds and collaboration need security, compliance, and effective governance. With effective organization and coordination, we ensure every aspect of your cloud implementation is efficient, streamlined, and secure.

Accelerate your cloud adoption

Cloud journey

Our Microsoft and AWS powerhouses provide all-round support for ongoing projects.

Development, managed services, architecting support, DevOps teams, premium hyperscaler partnerships, access to sponsored services and investment funds.

Seamlessly migrate your workloads

Cloud migration

We plan and implement your cloud migration – from infrastructure to applications.

Retire, retain, rehost, refactor, replace, replatform, rebuild – follow the 7Rs and define the right migration strategy for your business.

Modernize and go cloud-native

Cloud native

We help you unlock and utilize the full potential of cloud technologies.

Architecture, infrastructure as code, CI/CD pipelines, DevOps, new operating models.

Built for resilience, inside and out

Cloud security, governance & compliance

Let us optimize the efficiency, security, performance and cost of your cloud infrastructure and applications.

Optimal compliance, best practice, good governance, top security, maximum performance.

Premium partner to the major hyperscalers

While we remain proudly cloud-agnostic, our relationships with the major hyperscalers mean we have the experts and experience to help you get the most out of their platforms and tools.

Skaylink has a long-standing partnership with AWS. As of today, we are one of the most prominent AWS partners in Europe and one of only four AWS Premier Partners in Germany.

So much can be achieved when you put good teams together. Skaylink’s Microsoft Powerhouse has provided the expertise and services necessary to realize innovative and scalable solutions for more than 700 customers.


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Maximize the value of your cloud investment with specialist support tailored to the needs of your business.