Acting responsibly

Environmental Social Governance at Skaylink

Skaylink recognizes its role in the world, as a business with its own impact on the environment, society, and the wider economy. That’s why Skaylink has committed to a range of ESG initiatives to maximize the good we can do through our work.

Thinking green
  • Integrating sustainable practices into everything we do.
  • Selecting environmentally friendly partners and sourcing responsibly.
  • Developing novel solutions with better ecological footprints and handprints.
Sharing knowledge
  • Fostering a culture of openness and knowledge sharing.
  • Promoting continuous learning and effective collaboration.
  • Driving innovation and growing together through transparency and fairness.
Giving back
  • Practicing good corporate citizenship with targeted actions.
  • Contributing to initiatives with a positive societal and environmental impact.
  • Supporting good causes to build a better future for everyone.

Making a difference through great client projects

We are in the fortunate position of being able to contribute our valuable cloud expertise to a range impactful projects with long-lasting benefits to society and the environment. This has included some fascinating client projects, such as myKWS, a digital platform run by international seed specialists KWS SAAT. This innovative, multilingual platform is designed to improve sustainability in farming. With easily accessible seed data, myKWS enables farmers worldwide to significantly and sustainably increase their crop yields while reducing their use of fertilizers.
Client projects such as myKWS are an ideal fit for our ethos. In every project, we are also proactive in our conservation of resources. We use green electricity, paperless processes, and e-mobility solutions wherever able.

Sustainability is a fundamental component of our services – that’s why we use energy-efficient technologies and run everything on green energy. This position influences each decision we make as a company.

Embodying ESG every day at Skaylink

Skaylink has launched various initiatives to better integrate ESG into our work. One example is Skaylink Cares, which invites our employees to decide how we give back. Each Christmas, our employees are invited to nominate local charities or non-profit organizations to receive a donation. The six recipients are decided by a public vote. This regular action reminds all of us of our place in the wider global and local community, and the importance of integrating ESG practices into our everyday work and practices at Skaylink.