Hybrid and private cloud

Maximize your flexibility with hybrid, private, and sovereign clouds

Skaylink understands the benefits of each approach, offering both hybrid and private cloud technologies with an optional sovereign cloud implementation for maximum flexibility, security, and control.

No matter if you’re a medium-sized business looking to scale, or a large organization looking to boost efficiency – Skaylink will work with you to design the best hybrid, private, or sovereign cloud solution for you.

Private cloud

Your dedicated IT environment

A private cloud offers enhanced security and control. Dedicated just to your organization, this infrastructure can be tailored to your specific needs.

What it lacks in flexibility, it makes up for in customization and privacy. The enhanced security options make it the ideal place to store sensitive data while enjoying the benefits of cloud computing.

Hybrid cloud

The best of both

A hybrid cloud combines the flexible computing power of the public cloud with the security and control of the private cloud. Data can be moved between private and public environments at will – for maximum flexibility and different deployment options.

A hybrid cloud allows you to access public cloud resources as needed, while sensitive data is always kept safe in your ultra-secure private cloud environment.
This is the ideal approach for businesses that want cost-effective scalability without compromising on security.

Public cloud

Scalability on demand

A public cloud is an expansive pool of computing resources, available on demand. The sacrifices in security are made up for with unrivalled scalability and accessibility. The on-demand nature of public cloud resources are an ideal option for organizations with varying workloads, or those looking to reduce infrastructure costs.

Why Skaylink likes hybrid clouds

Maximize your control

Your private cloud component protects sensitive assets or workloads that require low latency.

Optimize your costs

Integrating a public cloud means you only pay for extra computing power as and when you need it.

Exploit the flexibility

Additional resources are ready and waiting in the public cloud as and when you need them.

Make migration easy

A hybrid approach is a flexible one, allowing you to phase your migration of individual workloads over time.

Explore the clouds with Skaylink

With so much potential just waiting in the cloud, you can’t afford to keep yourself in the dark.
 There are a lot of questions to consider: Private? Hybrid? What to put where?

Skaylink’s private cloud services

Our data center is equipped to offer you flexible solutions with minimum downtime and maximum efficiency. Ideal for colocation/housing, a failsafe disaster recovery site, efficient hosting, and providing general support for your multi-cloud strategy.

Your private cloud can be completely tailored to the needs of your organization, whether that means supporting various workloads from simple legacy transactional applications through to data lakes and machine learning environments.
Whichever setup you choose, an extensive security framework maximizes the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Possible uses for Skaylink’s private cloud

Secure your digital sovereignty with a sovereign cloud

Hyperscaler clouds have incredible potential but can be hard to take advantage of in the face of compliance and security concerns.

Skaylink supports sovereign cloud implementations offering built-in compliance with all local and EU regulations, while preserving all the functionality and flexibility of public and private cloud technologies. With a sovereign cloud, compliance and security is not an add-on – it’s the foundation. Designed to make life easier for regulated sectors such as finance, healthcare, and the
public sector.

Built-in compliance with:

  • GDPR, including Schrems II nullification of Privacy Shield
  • National regulatory legislation and standards
  • Industry-specific legislation and standards

Key data

2,500+ VMs

More than 2,500 virtual machines are hosted on our shared and dedicated platforms.

Covering 1,000+ m²

We have more than 1,000 m² of space in our data center in Essen (Germany) alone, ready to support our clients with managed services and more.

24/7 availability

Our data center is 24/7. A service desk is available during office hours for a selection of services – backed up by 24/7 on-call support.

4 sites

We have a fully self-managed data center in Essen (Germany) and three partner data centers – two in Vilnius (Lithuania) and one in Oberhausen (Germany). Our German customers also benefit from geo-redundant failover protection.


Enjoy flexibility and scalability with our more than 1,000 m2 of space for your IT infrastructure.

Maximize your efficiency with consolidated, cost-effective infrastructure that puts you in control of the resources you need. 

Provision, deploy, and decommission virtual machines on demand.

Need colocation/housing? Simply lease the rack area you need for your hardware.

Prefer the sound of our managed IT services? Outsource your IT to our ISO/IEC 27001-certified and GDPR-compliant data centers.

Interested in hybrid or public cloud options? We can integrate the public cloud services of our leading hyperscaler partners Microsoft and AWS.

Green operations

Our data centers are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. This keeps costs low while protecting the environment.

The data center is usually dimmed, and all systems can be accessed from our network operations center.

Powerful re-cooling systems run efficiently up to an external temperature of 27°C, supplemented by additional free cooling. Cold aisle containment segregates cold and warm air masses, reducing energy consumption compared to conventional air conditioning systems. This gives us an impressive PUE (power usage efectiveness) of 1.2.

Minimum downtime through redundancy

All the connections and equipment we use to maintain operations – everything from air conditioning units to the power supply and internet connections – are redundant (n + 1 redundancy).

This ensures all systems keep running uninterrupted in the event of an equipment or connection failure. The result is our enviable 99.982% availability.

Our data center is based on the Tier 3 standard for data centers.


You can rent racks to house your hardware at our facility from us. We can also manage individual services or even entire infrastructures for you as desired.

Our service desk assists in the operation of systems on this platform.

Your backups are archived in a separate backup data center at our Oberhausen (Germany) site.

Benefit from remote hands, 24/7 technical support, and
24/7 access to the data center with housing or colocation services.