Cloud security, governance & compliance

Built for resilience, 
inside and out

So much potential can be unlocked with the right cloud technology – but mistakes can cost you time, money, and even your reputation. Skaylink works with you to ensure your systems are secure, your operations well managed, and your data storage and processing fully compliant – no what matter your jurisdiction or sector.

Safeguarding your organization against fast-evolving cyber threats while supporting flexible innovation is our top priority. Cybercrime, corporate espionage, phishing and ransomware make regular headlines. We apply Security by Design and Zero Trust principles and refined best practices to fortify your defenses and protect your organization from the inside out.

Identities are now the most effective gateway for criminals. We can help you establish comprehensive threat intelligence systems and response strategies to detect potential attacks in time. Our experts can guide you through your own setup, or you outsource everything to our dedicated Cyber Security Center.

Compliance and governance are closely related and substantial aspects any organization needs to get their head around. We have experience implementing best practices in regulated industries and can apply these insights to nail down the details to define your compliance and governance strategies.

Effective cloud compliance and governance

A cloud-centric approach to compliance and governance is essential to ensure you meet regulatory requirements while safeguarding sensitive information. You need an expertly defined concept to deliver transparency, anchor best practices in your workforce, and allocate the necessary resources.

Work with us to:

  • Create fundamental guidelines for your cloud environment – including organizational, operational and technical components.
  • Define responsibilities for risk management, monitoring of cloud resources, and cost management – including reporting and invoicing.
  • Establish a governance foundation (Governance MVP) – including management groups and subscription ownership.
    Evaluate and address legal requirements – including compliance, policies, and blueprints.
  • Define naming standards for tags and resources – including relevant nomenclature conventions.
  • Set guidelines for using the cloud platform, PaaS, and IaaS – including API services.

Any use of cloud services, especially public clouds, must be supported by careful compliance with all applicable data protection and industry-specific regulations.

Cloud Competence Center

A CCC establishes the organizational framework to support regulatory compliance and optimize operations as your organization advances its cloud journey.

Operational excellence

Best practices must be implemented to ensure cost-efficient operations and maximum performance when integrating cloud-based workflows.

Stay ahead in cloud security

Cloud security encompasses a comprehensive set of measures and technologies designed to safeguard cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure against cyber threats. What makes it distinct from traditional security practices is the way responsibility is shared between the cloud provider and the customer. While the provider secures the underlying infrastructure, customers are ultimately responsible for safeguarding their applications and data.

Implementing a multi-layered security strategy is key – and we can guide you through the process. This approach incorporates network security, identity and access management, data encryption, and proactive threat detection and response. Regular security audits and assessments are essential to pinpoint and promptly address any vulnerabilities as they arise.

"Cloud baselining helps to identify common goals and barriers and to communicate views between the stakeholders. Problem descriptions from the clients which at first seem significant are quickly clarified, discussed and solved. It is important to align expectations right at the beginning and to have open discussions. In this way, we create a solid basis for a successful cloud project and partnership."

Sort your security with a Skaylink security audit

Skaylink’s security audit offers a tailored approach to fortify your business against diverse threats, ensuring comprehensive protection.

We will:

  • Define and evaluate your security-driven compliance requirements – ensuring standards are seamlessly integrated across your organization.
  • Validate and fortify critical infrastructure components – including your network, VPNs, Bastion/Jumpbox, and firewalls.
  • Establish implementation guidelines for identity verification and access management.
  • Generate guidelines for solution-specific user, role, and group management with MFA and SSO policies.
  • Define encryption requirements for robust data encryption in transit, at rest, and beyond.
  • Create guidelines and reports for ongoing threat detection and protection.
  • Address specific security requirements for on-premises and cloud interoperability.

Customize your cloud compliance

Growing use of cloud technologies has led to increasing regulations, standards, and guidelines that must be complied with to guarantee the security of your data, especially sensitive data covered by data protection legislation.

But compliance requirements can vary wildly depending on your sector, and where your organization employs people, serves customers, or otherwise operates. We have extensive expertise in many common compliance frameworks, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR, but we have the capability and capacity to cover much more besides.

Work with us to establish an effective compliance management program that covers every conceivable need, along with regular audits, assessments, and reporting.

Skaylink have expert knowledge in all financial regulatory frameworks, focusing on IT-related regulations overseen by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Key regulations include VAIT, BAIT, KAIT, and ZAIT. Additionally, we’re closely monitoring the impending Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), set to impact all EU FSI participants by 2025. Despite BaFin’s proactive stance, DORA is expected to revolutionize IT practices across the financial sector.

Skaylink is dedicated to guiding clients through the upcoming regulatory challenges.