Compliance as a service

Done-for-you solutions balancing security, compliance, and agility

Safeguarding your assets and sensitive data is important – but it shouldn’t hold back innovation. Our cloud-native experts specialize in security and compliance tools that keep you safe while clearing your path forward. Reduce your time to market while fortifying your defenses – ideal for competitive yet heavily regulated industries.

What is compliance as a service?

Compliance as a service is a best-practice approach to determining, adapting, and implementing compliance requirements specific to your organization. We work closely with your team at every level – from defining your needs through to identifying the right ISO certifications appropriate to your industry.

The process

This four-stage process model is divided into four areas that can be adapted to any client’s specific situation:

  • Customization
  • Orchestration
  • Auditing
  • Compliance radar
1. Customiziation

First, we identify your organization’s industry-specific requirements, while adding in existing internal stakeholder requirements such as IT compliance, IT security, legal, or data protection. At this stage, it is essential that we can discuss all requirements with all relevant stakeholders on equal footing.

2. Orchestration

We identify gaps between requirements and the current implementation, and outline specific mitigation steps we can take.

3. Auditing

We take the action required while including all stakeholders in the process.

4. Compliance radar

We assess remaining risks and potential issues, then use this as a basis to make appropriate proactive recommendations.

Security specialists and compliance consultants for every cloud project

Our experts have extensive expertise in a wide range of areas. Integrated through Skaylink, we’re able to provide a holistic risk assessment in any conceivable scenario. We’ll engage with your existing competencies and translate this into tangible actions and specific steps you can take. Skaylink’s compliance as a service offering allows you to enter the cloud without compromises.

We develop and implement the necessary steps in coordination with your experts – ensuring a common understanding of all technical and operational aspects.

At both Skaylink and our partners at TÜV Trust IT, you only ever deal with people with validated expertise in the areas of compliance, IT security, and data protection.

All planning and implementation is done by Certified Solution Architects – as in, people who understand cloud technologies and have a deep understanding of classic enterprise IT segments such as backup, monitoring, ITIL, and so on.