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The company “Office Partner GmbH” has been in business for 25 years and offers an industry-leading B2B platform for all products related to office technology and furnishings. The product range comprises more than 60,000 items and aims to cover the needs of private individuals, companies, universities & schools and public institutions.

In this interview, Thomas Eiling, Head of E-Commerce, explains why they decided to move to the AWS Cloud.


Mr. Eiling, before you started working with us, what were the business challenges you were trying to solve?
Our goal was to have a scalable platform that could easily scale up and down. However, our old traditional hosting infrastructure was not up to the task. That’s why we wanted to rely on AWS with an Aurora database to prepare for continued business growth.

How did Skaylink solve your problem?
Skaylink convinced us right away with great advice at the highest technical level. With the concept of spot instances and Aurora read/write splitting, we were able to quickly achieve the scalability we needed.

What benefits and improvements have you seen since migrating?
After the migration, we were able to use the AWS tools to quickly pinpont and fix our application bottlenecks. We have reduced the average TTFB (uncached) from 2.8 seconds (Time to First Byte) to less than 1 second.

During the migration, did you encounter any problems?

While migrating, we were swamped by the sheer volume of image data, as we have been using Shopware since version 3.0. In previous versions, the API did not delete old image data correctly. We were therefore required to delete a lot of image data (almost 1 TB).

Thank you very much, Mr. Eiling, for this special insight. We wish you continued success and look forward to working with you in the future!

"We have made significant improvements in performance and service at the same cost."

Solutions implemented

  • EC2
  • EC2 Auto Scaling
  • EFS
  • AWS NAT Gateway
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Elasticache
  • Amazon Elasticsearch
  • AWS Load Balancer
  • Cloudflare as CDN
  • Amazon S3 Buckets
  • Amazon EFS
  • Logging for the Shopware application

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