Test automation

Develop and deploy faster and better with automated testing

Accelerate your development, boost reliability, and streamline your software release process by integrating automated testing technologies and methodologies into your workflows. 

What is test automation?

Test automation is about using specialized software tools and frameworks to test and validate software in development. Automated tools can take over certain repetitive tasks that consume time and resources while introducing room for human error. This inevitably lengthens your release cycles – while boring your poor development and testing teams. Your human experts are freed up to concentrate on the work that really demands their expertise.

Common targets for test automation include


Bolster resistance to unauthorized access and data breaches.


Monitor responsiveness, scalability, resource usage.


Verify any recent changes have not affected existing operations.


Check data is being properly exchanged between components.


Confirm APIs are working and responding correctly to input.

User interfaces (UI)

Functionality and usability via simultated user interactions.


Validate that databases are processing queries as expected.

Data validation

Ensure all data hels and processed is accurate, complete, and consistent.

Benefits of test automation

  • Efficiency

    Automate repetitive testing tasks to reduce manual workloads and boost productivity
  • Reliability
    Thorough automated testing helps to ensure reliable software quality and performance
  • Time to market
    Accelerate your software development lifecycle by validating and releasing projects faster
  • Early issue detection
  • Improved system reliability
  • Increased test coverage
  • Enhanced data accuracy
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Cost savings
  • Easier compliance

Test-driven development (TDD) and continuous testing

Test-driven development (TDD) and continuous testing are fundamental aspects of automated testing – an essential tool to maximize the efficiency and reliability of the way your teams work and the software you develop.

Test-driven development (TDD) is an agile development methodology where requirements are codified into test cases to guide development. Starting with a test that will automatically fail because the feature has not yet been developed, the goal is to direct development to pass that test – developing code in a way that prevents future failures. This approach gives users confidence in the quality of the software.

Continuous testing supplements development by testing software during development, avoiding regressions slipping into the software. This approach also alerts developers if existing features are impacted, without ever compromising on the performance or stability of existing features over the whole lifetime of the software solution.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery 

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are key strategies that help to streamline your development processes, shortening development and release cycles with impressive stability and reliability.

Continuous integration (CI)

Continuous integration is about automatically integrating code changes into a shared repository multiple times a day. Automated build and testing processes validate new code and changes against the main codebase. Early detection of any integration issues helps to maintain stability and consistency, while facilitating effective collaboration.

Continuous delivery (CD)

Continuous delivery automates the deployment of tested code changes to different environments. Once validated against automated tests, code changes can be automatically deployed to staging or production environments for faster and more reliable software releases. This approach minimizes manual workload while supporting consistency and replicability.


Automate your success with testing automation

Automated testing processes are about more than just QA. Develop solutions faster and better, while freeing up your developers for other tasks.

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