Streamlining development and operations

DevOps opens up transformational possibilities. Meeting at the intersection of development and operations, DevOps is about aligning your teams, processes and technologies to deliver more value in less time.

Why DevOps?

DevOps is an approach designed to address the limitations of traditional waterfall-style software development and deployment methods in IT organizations. Where functions such as development, operations, quality control, and security were once siloed, DevOps brings these teams together – eliminating communication barriers, inefficiencies, and manual processes that are prone to errors and delays. It creates speed while enabling agility, resulting in an organization that is better positioned to reliably deliver what its customers need, fast.

Beyond processes, a DevOps culture allows you to better align your development and operations teams with shared business objectives. Start building, testing, and deploying new ideas in days rather than months. And thanks to iterative development, continuous testing, and rapid feedback loops, you can expect better outcomes. It’s a competitive edge IT organizations cannot afford to miss out on.

Advantages with DevOps

Reduce time-to-market

Streamlined development and deployment processes mean you can deliver software products and features faster, reducing your time-to-value.

Work better together

Eliminating silos between development, operations, and other teams creates a cross-functional culture of collaboration that fosters innovation and accountability.

Enhance efficiency

Automating manual processes reduces scope for errors and delays, making your software development and deployment processes more robust and reliable.

Improve quality

Automation and continuous testing results in higher-quality, more reliable products thanks to test-driven development (TDD) methodologies.

Increase agility

Greater internal integration allows you to adapt faster to changing market conditions and respond better to customer feedback.

Shrink costs

Reduce costs through effective collaboration, automation, and optimized software development and deployment processes.

Be ready to scale

Be ready to scale with DevOps best practices – your infrastructure and applications are ready to accommodate change and facilitate growth.

Please customers

Your speedy delivery of reliable, high-performing software and responsiveness to user needs will naturally boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Dive into DevOps with Skaylink


Evaluate your existing practices with Skaylink’s DevOps maturity check. We assess your teams’ current methods, workflows, and tools to identify areas ripe for improvement, then define a plan for your effective DevOps implementation.


Enablement workshops educate teams on best practices and facilitate adoption of DevOps principles. Choose from a range of ready-to-book workshops on areas such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) or DevOps tooling.

Implementation and project work

Augment your projects with our DevOps expertise in areas such as IaC, CI/CD pipelines, architecture design and implementation. Apply our substantial experience in end-to-end cloud-native development to realize specific DevOps project goals.

Operations support

DevOps as a service: Book experienced DevOps experts to support you with your projects on simple contracts.

DevOps orchestration: Add our specialists to your team on a longer-term basis with DevOps coaching, support, and methodology training.

“In reality DevOps is all about acceleration of business value. 
It’s so much more than just some tools.”

How does Skaylink do DevOps?

DevOps is about more than getting the right processes in place. You need versatile tools, sturdy frameworks, smart automation, and a clear understanding of the entire development lifecycle. 

The goal is ultimately to fully automate continuous integration and continuous delivery/continuous deployment (CI/CD), a key DevOps principle. 
Skaylink has developed a proprietary DevOps toolbox that delivers the following critical components, and more:

  • Governance (cloud setup and cost management)
  • Guardrails (policies and blueprints)
  • Microservice architecture
  • Application frameworks
  • Test-driven development (TDD) frameworks
  • Automation – every phase and level (testing, deployment, provisioning, and pipelines)
  • Reusable architectural components
  • Infrastructure and continuous deployment (CD) tools
  • Monitoring tools
  • DevOps methodologies and mindset

Cloud accelerated development & delivery platform (CADD) is managed by the seasoned chief architects of our Cloud Center of Excellence team (CCOE), codifying our best practices to deliver excellent results for our clients. All of Skaylink’s consultants and developers are trained in the same robust DevOps approaches. Combined with our proven CADD toolbox, clients can expect DevOps excellence in every project.

Skaylink knows DevOps

Skaylink are DevOps pioneers turned enthusiasts turned champions.

Our company has invested millions of euros in our own transition to DevOps, going back many years. Everything from our organizational structure, business infrastructure, and operations are designed around DevOps. We know DevOps inside and out, because it’s the way we work, too. The fully automated testing and rapid deployment it enables saves our clients time and money. 

We know how to get the most out of DevOps, and can’t wait to help you experience the same benefits.


Get started with DevOps

A DevOps culture, supported by the right systems and tools, can deliver unprecedented results for IT innovators. Skaylink’s unique development and operations expertise makes its specialists uniquely placed to help you establish an effective DevOps culture in your organization.

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