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The cloud is changing every part of the business world. Clever combinations of modern cloud services and data-driven approaches contribute today to a massive level of agility, efficiency and innovation. Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing cloud platform, and enables innovative combinations of Cloud and Edge.

At home everywhere – in the cloud and on-premises

Azure: A diverse functionality of cloud services

In just a few years, Azure has become the second-largest cloud infrastructure platform – with a broad functionality of cloud services that meet all requirements that a company has in the digital age.

We at Skaylink have already worked with distributed server environments for many years. Azure really stands out in distributed cloud environments. This is above all important if parts of a cloud application have to run on-premises, for example in on a production site or where large quantities of data need to be analyzed extremely quickly. In addition, Azure also offers IT-friendly resource administration that makes administration, supervision and controlling of cloud resources easier for enterprise IT departments.

Do you have plans for migration and modernization? We are happy to accelerate them with our team made up of experienced Azure architects, cloud engineers and DevOps while using our Skaylink Cloud Framework (SCF) method and the ready-to-operate Skaylink cloud components. In the process, we will guide your undertaking not only to targeted success, it will also work safely and reliably with a high level of automation.

Modern business solutions on Azure – regardless of where they’re running, we’re at home.

Distributed cloud

Critical business applications often need to run on-site – but with all the advantages of the cloud. Azure Stack makes this possible – and our cloud architects will implement it with you.

Migration services

Whether you have a lot of files, complex databases or hundreds of business applications, we will migrate your solutions to the cloud and also back if necessary.

SharePoint apps & data

Your important business process can’t just stop; many years of data can’t just be lost. We will make your SharePoint environments ready for the cloud.

We offer you a scalable and future-proof solution based on Microsoft Azure.

Azure cloud operations/managed services

Classic servers or the cloud: proactive maintenance, continuous monitoring and secure management are always needed – and on top of that, we offer the best solution service when things go wrong.

Virtual Desktop

Secure and high-performance remote access to your corporate data through the Microsoft Azure-based desktop-as-a-service platform.

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