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AWS Consulting Solutions

You can find a selection of our AWS Consulting solutions here

All of our experience and our knowledge contribute to a catalog with standardized consulting products. One thing that hasn’t changed with the cloud is that all of these products require the unique requirements of each customer as input. Every customer relationship is unique!

Below, you can see a few examples of our consulting solutions. You can get insight into our broad portfolio and our approach to projects.

Together with the customer, we work out and discuss which solution makes the most sense and which advantages are associated with it.


Skaylink has a long and successful history as a consulting service provider. We have been developing consulting approaches, transformation processes and methodologies for more than 20 years, well before the advent of cloud services. Our customers can benefit from our wealth of experience and natural instinct for consulting. Our utmost goal is to always find an efficient route to an optimal customer solution.

The team behind Skaylink is diverse: We have many new young team members who bring a breath of fresh air and thrive on cloud-native consulting. Meanwhile, our senior and executive level consultants have years – in some cases even decades – of experience in planning, supporting and implementing transformation, outsourcing and digitization projects at C-level with different teams.

AWS Consulting Solutions

Cloud Baselining

The solid foundation – moderated workshops cover all relevant topics to get your cloud vision on a sound footing.

AWS QuickCheck

AWS QuickCheck examines an existing AWS environment using a list of questions and provides recommendations for adjustments.

Cloud Advisory Workshop

This workshop establishes the basics and provides a lot of knowledge and experience to develop a common knowledge base.

Cloud Competence Center

The Cloud Competence Center – pragmatic, tested and packaged: Benefit from bundled cloud competence!

Cloud Governance

This is how we harmonize governance and the cloud – in our workshop, we will show you how it all works. Together, we will develop guidelines and processes.

Compliance Factory

This application supports the cloud governance process by helping you conduct project processes and documenting them at the same time.

Compliance as a Service

Highly sensitive data processed securely in the cloud! Compliance as a Service is a best practice approach to determine, adapt and implement compliance requirements.


By interlinking development, operation and IT security as well as automating security, we improve quality and reduce costs.

AWS Security Assessment for Regulated Industries

Based on a structured review, we work together to develop improvement opportunities for security and compliance.

AWS Control Tower

With AWS Control Tower, you have the starting point for a flexible yet secure cloud environment at your fingertips.

Solutions for banks and insurance companies regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)

We support industries that are regulated by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in matters of IT security and compliance challenges.

AWS Control Tower

With AWS Control Tower, you have the starting point for a flexible yet secure cloud environment at your fingertips.

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