AWS Consulting Services

Let our AWS cloud consultants guide you to success

Experience all AWS has to offer with expert guidance from AWS cloud consultants. Choose from a selection of tried-and-tested approaches or speak to us directly to explore how we can help.

Skaylink’s expertise in cloud implementations with AWS is immense – so we’ve boiled down a lot of our key approaches and insights into a collection of standardized consulting services.

Make no mistake – the general approach is standardized, but each project is tailored to your unique requirements. Our consultants work closely with you to discuss and define the solution that makes the most sense to accelerate your AWS journey.

Client-focused consultants

When you work with Skaylink’s AWS cloud consultants, you’re tapping into more than 20 years of experience – predating even the birth of cloud services.

Client focus is our real niche – developing innovative approaches to consulting, guiding transformation processes, developing new technologies, and implementing new methodologies to meet our clients’ needs.

From cloud-native to C-level

The Skaylink cloud consulting team covers a broad range of disciplines. Each consultant brings their years or even decades of unique experience to the table.

You might work with one team to guide you through the wilderness on your path to cloud-native development and DevOps.

Meanwhile, our experienced executive-level consultants can work with C-level decision-makers to guide everyone through the planning and implementation of any transformation, outsourcing, or digitalization project.

Our AWS and cloud consulting services include

Cloud Baselining

Creating a solid foundation with moderated workshops to cover every aspect, setting you up for success.


Cloud Governance

Harmonizing governance and the cloud with hands-on demonstrations, defining the guidelines and processing you need.

Cloud Advisory Workshop

Establishing the basics of cloud strategy and sharing knowledge and experience to develop a common knowledge base.


Cloud Competence Center

Providing practical, tested, and preformulated advice – benefit from Skaylink’s pooled expertise.

AWS Security Assessment for Regulated Industries

Implementing improvements in security and compliance following a structured review of where you are.

AWS Control Tower

Providing you with the perfect starting point for a flexible and secure cloud environment – all just a click away.


AWS QuickCheck

Examining an existing AWS environment based on a list of questions to create a list of recommended modifications.


Combining development, security, and operations expertise alongside security automation to improve quality and reduce costs.

Compliance Factory

Allowing easy and effective cloud governance with automatic documentation of project processes through a handy application.

Compliance as a Service

Helping you process highly sensitive data in the cloud. Compliance as a Service is our best practice approach to determine, adapt, and implement your compliance requirements.

Case Stories


Gain the benefit of our consultants’ high-level AWS expertise

Any investment in a new cloud strategy takes a lot of time and careful consideration.

Whatever stage you are at, wherever you want to be – our AWS consultants will work closely with you to outline and implement the ideal approach to achieve your specific objectives.

The cloud journey is a long one. It’s nicer with company.
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