Secure Installation Framework

– developed from our customers’ needs

Secure Installation Framework

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Active Directory or business-critical applications, every organization has sensitive access data and identities. To protect them, you need management systems that are secure from the ground up.

The deployment of critical systems such as domain controllers, member servers and administrative workstations must be based on trustworthy people, processes, and sources. These requirements are generally not met by a company’s standard provisioning processes.


This is exactly the gap where the Secure Installation Framework comes in. Our experts have developed software to help you with this important task. In addition to this software, the Secure Installation Framework includes a two-day workshop where we will train you to use and configure the software and develop initial installation images for domain controllers, member servers and administrative workstations.

Why should you use the Secure Installation Framework?

Increased security level
  • Install operating systems that are validated to ensure integrity.
  • Verify any operating system images (ISO files), drivers and third-party software – even if the vendor does not provide an official checksum (hash).
  • Protect your administrators and corporate resources according to Microsoft’s Enterprise Access Model (tier model).
Reduced management overhead
  • Eliminate the effort of providing an additional installation platform such as System Center Configuration Manager, OS deployment software (e.g. Matrix42) or similar systems for systems requiring protection (Tier 0).
  • Save time with automated ISO or USB stick installations, even at remote locations.
  • Patch the systems before you connect to the network for the first time.
  • Benefit from a uniform configuration of Windows systems.
  • Remove unwanted AppXPackages from Windows 10 images fewer patches with hardened software.
  • Configure Windows features, Windows services and registry settings directly during installation, and install third-party software without a network connection.
Professional advice and training
  • Take advantage of the workshop to get to know the full functionality of the Framework.
  • Optimize the installation of, for example, servers and administrative workstations.
  • Prepare images including drivers, updates and third-party applications such as LAPS, KeePass, and VPN for typical systems such as administrative workstations (PAWs).
  • Prepare images for domain controllers or member servers including the complete local configuration of Windows functions, Windows services and registry as well as third-party software.
  • Benefit from best practices and tips from more than 25 years of experience implementing complex IT projects across multiple industries.

Overview of the Secure Installation Framework

Image creation for Windows systems

Define your Windows image:

  • Windows ISO
  • Media selection: ISO file and/or USB
  • Installation options: Remote Hash validation, Feature installation, Registry updates
  • Optional integration of device drivers and cumulative updates
  • Configurations can be saved as templates

Windows 10 ISO

Optimize the ISO file:

  • Customizing the Windows 10 image
  • AppXPackages whitelist – all other packages will be removed automatically
  • Integrating the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)
  • Providing a customized start menu


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