IMTC moves investment managers to the cloud

New technologies such as cloud computing and SaaS have finally become the norm in the investment management industry. Our partnership with Investment Management Technology Corporation (IMTC) is living proof of this.


The challenge

Historically, investment firms, banks, and independent investors have resorted to a myriad of disjointed systems and spreadsheets to manage their client portfolios. To remain competitive in the current market environment, firms have begun to realize they require the most cutting-edge systems and technical capabilities, that only the cloud can provide. Investors have historically been limited by on-premise solutions that require period updates and clunky integrations with other systems. While excel remains the solution of choice for many managers, there are opportunities to automate many of the data management and monitoring functions that consume much of a portfolio managers capacity. 


The IMTC technology solutions are based on Microsoft Azure and leverage a range of managed PaaS services, including:

  • Azure Data Lake

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Azure Databricks

  • Azure SQL

  • Azure AD

  • Azure Key Vault

  • Azure API Manager

  • CosmosDB

  • Azure App Services

The solution

cVation (part of Skaylink) designed and developed an intelligent, forward-looking data and computing platform, for the American technology supplier IMTC. The platform provides investors with the computing power to automate compliance, portfolio rebalancing, and trade optimization across hundreds of client portfolios instantaneously. Professional investors can now spend time on the most-high value investment activities rather than being bogged down with manual processes.

The platform provides connectivity across the entire investment team, streamlining bottlenecks and helping investment managers deliver more successful outcomes for their clients. All this, while delivering innovation for their clients at a fraction of the cost of legacy investment management systems. The platform runs on cVation’s Accelerator Platform CADD, which supports agile development and accelerated time-to-market. We built the solution using DevOps principles with continuous integration and continuous delivery for daily updates with new features.


IMTC is the only cloud-native investment management system, born and developed in Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud environment; powering real-time bond pricing and analytics calculations and extensive searchable historical bond data. Clients benefit from greater flexibility and scalability of deployment, enabling them to go-to-market and grow faster. IMTC takes advantage of the unlimited scalability of the cloud, expanding computing power as needed.

Today, the platform conducts 20 billion calculations daily. Users get access to data on 1.2 million bonds and five years of historical data on securities and trades. One hundred thousand trades are tracked every day.

Further Case Studies

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