Leveraging cloud AI: Your guide to smoother deployments with AI-SPRINT

Use AI efficiently in the cloud: AI-SPRINT makes the process of providing AI workloads safer, faster and easier.
12. June 2024
Picture of Agatha Dabrowski
Agatha Dabrowski

Senior Consultant

In the transformative landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), deploying AI workloads to the cloud can be a game changer for businesses. However, this process often comes with its own set of challenges, including complexity, security concerns, and the need for speed. 

Have you heard of AI-SPRINT? It’s an EU-funded initiative to make your journey to cloud AI smoother, faster, and safer. We were thrilled to be part of the use case team from the outset, focusing on industry applications and aligning university research with actual customer demands. In February 2024, AI-SPRINT received high praise from the European Commission for its realistic use case perspective during its successful review. Businesses now have a way to harness the cloud’s full potential for AI applications, with industry partners facilitating the deployment of the toolset. 

Simplifying AI in the cloud with AI-SPRINT

Focused on streamlining the deployment of AI workloads, AI-SPRINT offers a practical solution for businesses navigating the complexities of cloud technology. A surprising revelation for many businesses venturing into artificial intelligence is that the success of AI systems depends not only on the algorithms themselves, but also on often overlooked hidden aspects such as data quality and system maintenance. This underscores the importance of investing in robust infrastructure and ongoing behindthescenes support, which are just as crucial as the AI technology itself. The AI-SPRINT initiative, built on a foundation of research excellence, is recognized for its innovative approach to overcoming common deployment hurdles. After a 3-year journey, they’re now ready to bring their vision to life by providing the tools and expertise needed to improve the deployment of AI in the cloud. 

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, the toolset provides streamlined solutions that reduce the technical overhead for your team. In addition, AI-SPRINTs flexibility allows for customized deployments on leading cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, ensuring that you can choose the infrastructure that best fits your specific needs.

Accelerating your AI initiatives

In today’s digital economy, speed is everything. AI-SPRINT significantly reduces the time required to get your AI workloads operational in the cloud, and makes migrations between providers viable. This acceleration enables your business to transition from concept to market more rapidly, staying ahead of the competition and responding swiftly to customer needs. Whether you opt for AWS for its extensive range of services or Azure for its enterprise-grade capabilities, AI-SPRINT ensures that your AI projects are deployed efficiently. 

Prioritizing security in the cloud

Many businesses are concerned about security when moving sensitive, data-heavy workloads to the cloud. We place a strong emphasis on privacy and integrate robust, EU-approved measures to safeguard your data and AI applications. One of AI-SPRINT’s key technologies is the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), such as Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX). TEEs execute code and data within an encrypted memory region to ensure application confidentiality and integrity. Potential attackers, even with privileged access, cannot read or modify this memory region; only the processor can decrypt and execute the application inside. In addition, extensive verification methods are used to verify that the execution environment is genuine. This means you can deploy with confidence, knowing that your AI workloads are protected against threats while complying with industry regulations. The AI-SPRINT initiative’s focus on security is designed to build trust, even in highly sensitive contexts such as healthcare, and provide peace of mind for businesses operating in the cloud whether on AWS, known for its powerful security features, or Azure, with its comprehensive compliance coverage. 

Empowering your business with AI-SPRINT

AI-SPRINT is more than just a framework; it’s a way to unlock the potential of AI for your business in a cloud environment. By partnering with industry representatives like Skaylink, AI-SPRINT brings a customer-centric approach to AI deployment, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can leverage the benefits of AI. The initiative’s adaptability to work seamlessly with AWS and Azure means you can select the cloud service that aligns with your strategic goals, technical requirements, and budget constraints. 

This marks a step forward in making AI more accessible and manageable for businesses venturing into the cloud, without the fear of being locked into one specific provider. As we move forward, the initiative promises to open up new opportunities for innovation and growth, enabling businesses to harness the power of AI with greater ease and confidence. Whether you’re just getting started with AI or looking to optimize your existing cloud AI deployments, AI-SPRINT provides a clear path to success, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.  

How to get started

We’re here to help your business navigate the complex but rewarding journey of AI. Built as cloud-provider-agnostic and as cloud-edge-agnostic framework, AI-SPRINT’s flexibility can be a critical success factor or an unnecessary burden, depending on the use case. If, for example, AWS or Azure are accepted as cloud providers, services such as IoT Hub or Greengrass can be used. Skaylink can assist in defining the scope, requirements, and ideal toolset for your needs.  
Interested in learning more about how the AI-SPRINT tools can leverage your business? Please get in touch with us, we’re happy to help.