AI & Machine Learning

Harness the mountain of potential in your own business

AI and machine learning drive transformative outcomes for industrialisation and at the edge. We can support to establish your AI foundation, MLOps workflows and proven AI governance. We can help you roll out AI models to you IoT devices, allowing for instant intelligent decision making at the edge where the data is collected. Our seasoned consultants demystify complex algorithms, build predictive models, and optimize decision-making. Whether it’s predictive maintenance, fraud detection, or personalized recommendations, we harness AI’s potential for your success.

Achieve AI agility at any scale

Small-scale AI adoption can seem easy, but the real challenge is when you need to scale up without compromising delivery and work with large amounts of data across systems.

You may face slower time to market, inflexible system/deployment types, and various data management issues.
We can help you tackle those issues and scale seamlessly.

We are experts in cloud-native data science and engineering, with a focus on DataOps and MLOps. We help you accelerate innovation and solve problems related to bias, data drift, model and data lineage, model decay, and complex development environments.
With our help, you can build your AI Foundation, MLOps workflows, and robust AI governance. Our teams will be able to turn your ML models into products and revenue streams.

Some of the areas we specialize in are

  • Natural language processing
    We can help you extract insights from text data, such as customer reviews, social media posts, or documents. We can also help you generate natural language content, such as summaries, captions, or headlines.
  • Computer vision
    We can help you analyze and process images and videos, such as face recognition, object detection, or scene segmentation. We can also help you create realistic and engaging visual content, such as style transfer, image synthesis, or video editing.
  • Recommender systems
    We can help you personalize your offerings and increase your conversions, by providing relevant and timely recommendations to your users, based on their preferences, behavior, and context.
  • Anomaly detection
    We can help you identify and prevent fraud, errors, or outliers, by detecting abnormal patterns or behaviors in your data, such as transactions, logs, or sensors.

Mining for Meaning 
– Customer Listening with AI

“Mining for Meaning” in the context of customer listening refers to the systematic analysis of customer feedback to gain valuable information on customer needs.

Patterns and trends can be identified using text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) techniques. Artificial intelligence (AI) and AWS services support efficient big data analytics. Skaylink has developed a processing pipeline that analyzes millions of text posts daily and provides valuable insights.