Internet of things (IoT)

Opportunities at the edge

We can help you connect, integrate and manage your devices and sensors, collect and process your IoT data, and build smart applications that leverage IoT insights. Benefit from our most reliable and secure IoT platforms and solutions for device provisioning, device management, device security, data ingestion, data processing, data analysis, and data action. We’re also your partner for IoT strategy, architecture, and integration.

IoT – new business opportunities require new competencies

The connected world is upon us. From cars to refrigerators, production lines to medical devices, there are sensors monitoring performance and output. The result is a whole new ecosystem where machines talk to each other, exchange data and pave the way to a more connected future. IoT creates new opportunities to connect with users, streamline operations and identify opportunities to reframe how you manage your business.

IT specialists with IoT experience are not typically part of a non-tech company’s organizational chart. This is where Skaylink plugs in. You can take advantage of our skills as an integrated development partner responsible for software design, development and deployment. Our IoT engineers learn about your operations and introduce solutions that help you thrive in a more connected world. We can develop entire ecosystems of business applications to fully realize the benefits of IoT – grounded in research, deep expertise and real-world experience.