Cyber Security Center

We focus on security. You focus on operations.

Managing security and compliance can be a challenge, though our experts can lighten your load. You can outsource these aspects of your business to us, including the protection of sensitive data as an information security management service.

Beyond threat protection, our experts can also help you manage the challenges of compliance and governance – even in regulated sectors.

Addressing the serious and unpredictable threat of cybercrime

Around two thirds of the chief security officers (CSOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) report that their company has experienced at least one cyberattack in the past twelve months, while a third say their company has been the target of multiple attacks. Skaylink has created a solution to make it easier for its clients to protect their infrastructure.

The Skaylink Cyber Security Center is a cloud-native security operations center that reliably defends your organization against cyberattacks. It monitors and analyses security-related events in your environment and can take immediate action to keep your organization safe.

We offer a range of different service packages to tailor your precise protection to your requirements, while comprehensive assessments ensure you’re always in the loop on the latest incidents.

What to expect from the Skaylink Cyber Security Center

  • A highly effective out-of-the-box cloud-based solution
  • Built on a solid technological foundation using Microsoft Sentinel
  • Certified and experienced Skaylink security experts
  • Short onboarding time
  • 20 years of enterprise-level experience
  • Simple and transparent pricing model
  • Suitable for organizations of any size – starting at just one seat

Technologies used

Test Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

The ideal enterprise endpoint security platform for Windows clients and servers, macOS, Android, iOS and iPad OS.

Microsoft Defender for Identity

Hybrid solutions are the most effective – signals from your on-premises Active Directory help to defend against threats.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Protection against threats arriving via email, links, and malware.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

This cloud access security broker handles shadow IT detection and (multi-)cloud app governance with ease.

Azure AD Identity Protection

This tool recognizes identity-related risks while supporting a zero-trust Microsoft Entra ID setup.

Microsoft Information Protection

Preventing uncontrolled data leakage by classifying and/or encrypting files and emails.

Pricing and packages

We offer a modular set of different packages and products with different services.

Our Essential package is the ideal entry-level solution for organizations of all sizes and infrastructures.

For those who’d appreciate more extensive monitoring and reporting, we offer four variants of our Professional package – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum+. At the top end of the scale, our Platinum+ package includes 24/7 on-demand telephone support for maximum peace of mind – even after midnight.

The Skaylink Cyber Security Center also offers add-on workshops for security awareness and training, vulnerability management, and cloud security. You can also book this sort of support independently as a security and compliance assessment.

The price is calculated based on the number of users per month and their selected plan.

Speak to our experts to work out the right package for your needs.

What licenses are required from Microsoft?


  • MDE Plan 1 or Plan 2
  • GravityZone Bitdefender
  • Azure AD Premium P1 / P2


  • MDE Plan 1 or Plan 2
  • GravityZone Bitdefender
  • + 1 additional Defender product

Our experts will let you know what you need when booking your package.

What out-of-the-box detection tools are included?
  • Logins from unexpected countries (even where it is simply the end of a VPN tunnel)
  • Rapid switching between login locations (e.g., first Europe, then Asia 10 minutes later)
  • Repeatedly creating and deleting accounts
  • Administrative rights being assigned to standard accounts
  • Detection of ransom software used for data encryption by criminals
  • Components that can be infiltrated using open-source tools (Log4J)
  • Unusual data transfer
Which integration components does the Skaylink Cyber Security Center offer?
  • Microsoft 365 traffic
  • Azure activity logs (VM, storage, network, etc.)
  • AWS
  • Log ingestion via Syslog, etc.
  • Defender for Cloud (also for on-premises infrastructure)
  • DNS logs
  • Event logs
  • Threat intelligence / Trusted Automated Exchange of Intelligence Information (TAXII)

What aspects of security does the Skaylink Cyber Security Center cover?

Aside from security monitoring, the Skaylink Cyber Security Center (CSC) also covers security response, workshops to maximize IT security, attack simulation, and reporting.

How does rollout work? And what happens next?

Rollout is divided into three phases. First, the platform is integrated at a technical level during onboarding. Then, in the ramp-up phase, the system is trained, and monitoring parameters are fine-tuned. Once this phase is complete, we enter active operations – ready to go.

After rollout, your environment is monitored for anomalies and incidents. Confirmed incidents are analyzed and all possible immediate actions are taken. You’ll also receive ongoing reports on the health of your environment and recommendations to help you further increase your security.

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Get security sorted with the Skaylink Cyber Security Center

Security isn’t an area where easy solutions are in ample supply – when you find one, it makes sense to grasp it with both hands.

Our out-of-the-box solutions deliver peace of mind without ever limiting your flexibility and agility in your cloud environment. From Essential to Platinum+, the Skaylink Cyber Security Center delivers.

Are you interested in all this as a fully-done-for-you, managed service? We can help with that, too – just get in touch.

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