Cloud Landing Zones

Cloud Landing Zones

Cloud landing zones are the key to creating secure, scalable, and compliant cloud environments. Skaylink builds your cloud on solid foundations, ready for wherever your cloud journey takes you next.

What is a cloud landing zone?

Cloud migration can be complicated – it can make sense to establish a base camp where you can gather your experts, assess the situation, and decide how to proceed. That’s your cloud landing zone ­­– a ready-made, secure, and scalable environment within your cloud platform, designed for different workloads and teams. This cloud landing zone is platform-agnostic, accommodating all application portfolios and working with any cloud provider you choose. Migration, modernization, and innovation are seamless, even at scale.


A versatile base for everything cloud

A cloud landing zone covers areas such as identity and access management, resource organization and tagging, security and compliance, and networking and connectivity. With these foundations in place, your cloud endeavors are set up for success.

Cloud landing zones are adaptable, ready to grow as your organization becomes more cloud-based over time. Many consider them essential when planning to deploy bigger enterprise workloads in a cloud environment – it’s peace of mind and a plan.

Your cloud landing zone can be tailored to your needs and specific cloud strategy. It’s all about creating the right environment for the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

Benefits of cloud landing zones

Define your own architecture

Design a cloud structure to meet your unique goals and requirements. This blueprint provides the foundation – defining the structure of your cloud environment.

Ensure security and compliance

Keep data and applications safe and compliant from the start. Make sure you’re compliant with the rules and regulations applicable to your sectors and jurisdictions.

Get set for growth

Make the most out of the agility and robustness offered by cloud infrastructure. Scale seamlessly, adapt to fluctuations, and be ready for all challenges.

Ease workloads with automation

Ease workloads with automation
Automate processes to maximize efficiency.
Automate certain tasks to allow your experts to focus on what they do best.

Establish good governance

Set up a governance model to keep everything in check.
Define who does what, create policies, and monitor resource usage to optimize your operations.

Let’s design a cloud landing zone that works for you

Skaylink has the experts to help you go beyond plug-and-play solutions – we’re at your side the whole way through.

Premium partner to the major hyperscalers

While we remain proudly cloud-agnostic, our relationships with the major hyperscalers mean we have the experts and experience to help you get the most out of their platforms and tools.

As part of an array of cloud migration tools at our disposal, we use the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for migrations to Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft provides a range of tools to support an efficient migration to the Azure Cloud. We follow the Azure Migrate approach to ensure things go smoothly.