Case studies

moovin – a PropTech company in the AWS cloud

In this interview, moovin explains why they have opted for the AWS managed hosting solution from Skaylink.

moovin Immobilien GmbH was founded in March 2015. The idea for moovin has been around since 2011, when Fabian Mellin (CEO) got to know the market and its problems through his work in the brokerage industry. During his time at mytaxi, he came up with the idea of digitizing the outdated process of real estate brokerage, just as mytaxi had already done for cab dispatch. But the real estate industry was only really ready for a digital and cost-effective product like moovin when new German legislation on commission fees came into force. Since the change in the law, real estate agents are usually paid by those who commission them.

Today, moovin’s customers include some of Germany’s largest real estate companies, which have already commissioned the PropTech company with thousands of rentals in recent years. The ambitions for the coming years are equally high: moovin wants to become the largest service provider for apartment rentals.

moovin chose Skaylink and AWS for hosting. In this interview, Guido Kaiser, Head of IT, tells us more about the switch to Skaylink.

What is moovin’s core business?

“moovin rents apartments for real estate companies and describes itself as a hybrid broker. Thanks to the targeted digitalization of recurring processes and a Germany-wide team, the PropTech acts much more quickly and transparently than traditional real estate agents. moovin takes over the entire rental process and maps it seamlessly at all times with its own web app. From the first photo to the signed lease, moovin combines and digitizes all rental services throughout Germany for the price of just one net monthly rent without utilities. From their Hamburg headquarters, the team coordinates trained housing consultants and photographers who take care of professional image and video material for informative descriptions and personal apartment viewings throughout Germany. The team of over 100 experts works passionately on the shared goal of making residential rental as efficient and transparent as possible with innovative solutions and making real estate companies fit for the future.”

Which challenges did you want to solve by using managed AWS hosting?

“We wanted to reduce the workload on our internal IT and also avoid having to build up additional knowledge in the field of AWS and cloud hosting. Instead, we wanted to focus on the further development of moovin. We also found it difficult to provide 24/7 support internally, but of course we have to ensure that our website is available around the clock.”

Details at a glance

Redesign of the AWS environment: Together with Skaylink, moovin’s AWS environment was redesigned to ensure the best possible performance and scalability.

Adapting the application to the cloud environment: Skaylink supported moovin with this to ensure smooth integration and optimum performance.

AWS DocumentDB: Integration of the database service AWS DocumentDB, which provides a scalable, high-performance and fully managed NoSQL database.

How did Skaylink solve your problem?

“Together with Skaylink, we redesigned the AWS environment. We went through various theoretical variants and discussed the advantages and disadvantages. After setting up the cloud environment, Skaylink also supported us in adapting our application to the changed environment. We have also integrated the AWS DocumentDB database service into our cloud environment.”

Which advantages and improvements were you able to achieve from it?

“The stability of the environment has increased, and the 24/7 support means we can finally sleep soundly. Furthermore, the performance is better than it was before. In addition, we save internal resources and don’t have to build up any additional expertise on this topic.”