VMware migration

Migrating VMware workloads to Amazon EC2 has significant advantages, among them higher scalability, improved performance, and lower operating costs.

VMware price increases: Migrate to a cost-effective AWS solution now

The VMware Cloud on AWS service has until recently only been available directly via VMware. There is a risk of significant cost increases for new licenses, and there are other reasons why it is worth thinking about switching to the cloud:

  1. The cost of VMware has increased significantly, and there may also be additional price increases in the future.
  2. Conventional VMware-based applications cannot compete with cloud solutions in terms of scalability, flexibility, replication, and scope of service.
  3. Skaylink and AWS offer additional support to reduce the cost of migration.

Migration process

By and large, a VMware migration works just like any other typical migration; it’s just that you need to apply additional expertise on VMware:

  • Perform a VMware assessment of your existing environment (using PowerCLI and tools such as RVTools, REST API and vRealize Operations).
  • Assign the results to EC2 instance types.
  • Use an application analysis to gain insight into grouping, and consider alternatives as well as possibly the use of native AWS services.
  • Consider whether you would like to initially migrate installed database engines, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL or Oracle, in the direction of Amazon RDS.
  • Migrate VMware Tanzu to Amazon EKS.

Migrate VMware environments to AWS

Security first

As a Security Competency Partner, we create a strong compliance and security environment with our infrastructure designs and implementations.


Our support team will continue to provide you with excellent assistance after the migration. We ensure that we have the necessary experts to overcome all challenges.


Efficient data management during the migration


Detailed migration plan for minimal downtime with the assistance of the AWS Migration Hub, among other things


You can use public endpoints that only allow the IP address of your office, Site2Site VPN, Client VPN, or an extremely low-latency AWS Direct Connect connection.

We build the foundation for the use of AWS in your company, including special workshops and training sessions. Once the first step of the migration has been completed, we begin the hypercare phase. This will continue until you are able to manage everything yourself. All of our experts are available and will take care of any problems that may arise.

We are also by your side after the hypercare phase has ended: You can always contact our Managed Services Team for long-term 24/7 support, or request ad-hoc support whenever you need us.

We can provide you with a comprehensive overview of the use of AWS as a cloud provider and share our expertise with you. Your employees are encouraged to expand their knowledge – they should understand what exactly is happening and what has changed from the past. We can specifically address and alleviate your fears, concerns, and pain points.

Unlimited potential with AWS

Cloud innovations support with AWS: Thanks to our impressive flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness, we can help you to fully utilize the potential of the AWS platform.

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