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Every cloud project is different, unique and individual; even within a single industry there are different framework conditions for the individual customers, so there is no blueprint based on a set formula. However, our experience over the last few years has shown that there are standardized methods for developing an individual roadmap or a common idea for our customers’ cloud journey.

Choosing the right workshops and the right starting point is crucial for a successful project and is an important foundation. Therefore, we openly discuss the current status and status quo with the customer in an initial joint consultation. We then establish the correct format together.

Key benefits

Exchange of experiences

Target group-oriented information and experiences from several other customer projects ensure a broad exchange of experiences. You will have a platform to express your own issues/concerns and reservations.

Concrete planning

We provide not only “WHAT needs to be done”, but very specifically “HOW it should be done” and “WHO specifically needs to do it”.


Partial significant support with funding opportunities from AWS.


We broaden the focus in certain areas away from technology to IT security, compliance, processes, their organization and people.

1. Cloud Inspirational Meeting

The expectation that management can simply impose a decision and target direction for a company-wide cloud vision and direction at the drop of a hat is wrong. It requires ideators, inspiration, experience and also lessons learned, and this is not possible if it is the first time you are faced with such an issue.

However, it is easier when a partner can give you these suggestions in a small setting based on trust, so that a clearer picture that is enriched by your own ideas can emerge. A central element in our exchange with customers is that their own business is supported and current challenges can be met with the cloud.

During this meeting, we empower a company’s management team to take inspiration and incorporate it into their own framework parameters. We provide inspiration, customer examples and answer questions directly and unflinchingly.

2. My First UseCase

Do you have a general idea? Do you already have specific technical ideas? Great! Then we can get started right away.

Do you still have questions? What about security? Is it designed correctly? What’s missing that’s keeping you from going live?

All of these questions are difficult to answer if this is the first workload in AWS.

But we can help with this: In the My First Use Case Workshop, you explain your ideas to us and we will take on the role of validation. We will point out important points to be clarified in advance or topics to be implemented in the medium term.

Overall, you will get a good overview of the activities you still need to do BEFORE and AFTER you go live.

3. AWS Partner Accelerator

You want to accelerate your AWS journey and get started right away? Great, so do we and so does AWS! With the AWS Partner Accelerator, we have the opportunity to solve your specific problems in a focused ten-day workshop and to implement them “hands on”.

And the best part: You pay only 1,000 – we take on the rest together with AWS, so that you can take advantage of our areas of expertise and significantly accelerate your activities.
First, we discuss the goal and identify your pain points and challenges that we will address – and then we can get started.

You can download the compact prepared information on the AWS Partner Accelerator as a PDF here.

You know your destination – but are there signs of obstacles along the journey?

The journey to the cloud is well-established – we know shortcuts and accelerators.

We empower you on your cloud journey with our offers

Cloud Advisory Workshop

There are often a lot of ideas, gut feelings, uncertainty and a generally varying view of the public cloud. But if all this is structured, then nothing stands in the way of a reliable and sustainable journey to the public cloud. Because then these different perspectives, goals and uncertainties lead to solutions instead of problems.

In our one-day Cloud Advisory Workshop, we provide participants with a common information base, lessons learned and best practices on how other customers have made the journey and what issues to consider.

In addition to IT security and compliance, operating models, distributed responsibilities, building CCCs, training methods and knowledge building and many other topics, the densely packed workshop will also address individual issues.

At the end, the participants will have a solid basis of information that will allow them to better evaluate potentially incorrect developments in their own companies and, if necessary, to point out possible solutions directly.

You can download the compact prepared information on the Cloud Advisory Workshop as a PDF here.

Migration Readiness Assessment

All topics have been explained. Are you ready to get started with the first migrations to AWS?

But are the organization and your teams really ready? Is the technical foundation already in place? Who takes care of the workloads? Is IT security caught up to this point and have they given the go-ahead? What about legal customer agreements in terms of where certain workloads are run? Many questions and very different answers cause uncertainty for many customers before the first step of the migration.

During a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA), we evaluate your company’s migration readiness based on best practices and the assessment of experienced consultants. With our MRA, you are optimally prepared for your journey into the cloud. At the end of an MRA, you will receive a final report that will show you clearly where your company’s strengths are and which factors could slow down or even halt a migration.

And the best part: Through AWS, we have a broad opportunity to apply for funding in order to increase the financial attractiveness even further.

You can download the compact prepared information on the Migration Readiness Assessment as a PDF here.

Cloud Baselining

Many customers are on the verge of moving to the cloud, but don’t know what to tackle first or how to go about it. Or they are already on the journey, but come across stumbling blocks that need to be sidestepped.

Cloud Baselining helps you build the foundation for your successful cloud journey. Through our facilitated workshops with lots of supporting content, your teams will be able to define a common vision for the journey to the cloud. As part of Cloud Baselining, the requirements in terms of IT security, governance, compliance, architecture and operating structures are recorded and incorporated into a common roadmap. In the end, we have a commonly derivable and harmonized roadmap.

This format is also well suited for consolidating existing initiatives and tying them into a unified structure to obtain a unified cloud roadmap.

You can download the compact prepared information on Cloud Baselining as a PDF here.


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