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Accelerating the AWS cloud journey with experience and proven methods

Every cloud project is different, unique and individual – even within a single industry there are different framework conditions for the individual customers, so there is no blueprint based on a set formula. However, our experience over the last few years has shown that there are standardized methods for developing an individual roadmap or a common idea for our customers’ cloud journey. In addition, there are best practices to accelerate your cloud journey.

Choosing the right workshops and the right starting point is crucial for a successful project and is an important foundation. In an initial consultation with the customer, we openly discuss the current situation and the desired goal. The right format and elements of the cloud journey are then determined together.

Key benefits

Exchange of experience

Target group-oriented information and experiences from several other customer projects ensure a broad exchange of experience. You’ll be provided with a platform where you can express your own questions, concerns and reservations.

Concrete planning

We provide not only “WHAT needs to be done“, but also very specifically “HOW it should be done“ and “WHO specifically needs to do it”.


In some cases, you can get significant support with funding opportunities from AWS.


In certain areas, we shift focus from technology to IT security, compliance, processes, their organization, and people.

Are you at the beginning of your journey to the cloud?

With our expertise, we can help you get started on your cloud journey.

Our consulting services for your successful journey to the cloud:

Cloud Inspirational Meeting

The expectation that management can simply impose a decision and target direction for an enterprise-wide cloud vision and direction at the drop of a hat is wrong. It requires ideas, inspiration, experience, and also lessons learned – but where is all that going to come from when you are dealing with such a topic for the first time?

In any case, it is much easier with a partner who will drive you forward in a small, confidential setting, so that a clearer picture emerges, enriched by your own ideas. Ensuring that the cloud supports our customers’ business and helps them meet today’s challenges is at the heart of our discussions.

During this meeting, we empower a company’s leadership team to take inspiration and incorporate it into their own framework. We provide ideas and customer examples, and answer questions directly and concretely.

AWS Partner Accelerator

Do you want to accelerate your AWS journey and get started right away? Great, so do we and so does AWS. With the AWS Partner Accelerator, we have the opportunity to solve your specific problems in a focused ten-day workshop and implement solutions in a hands-on way.

First, we’ll discuss the goal, identify your pain points and the challenges we need to address – and then we’ll get started.

Your cloud vision is clear. But there are still hurdles to overcome?

We know how to get there, and we offer shortcuts and accelerators.

We’ll empower you with our expertise on your cloud journey:

Cloud Advisory Workshop

There are often a lot of ideas, gut feelings, uncertainty, and different views of the public cloud. But when all of this is structured, nothing stands in the way of a reliable and sustainable journey to the public cloud. Because then these different perspectives, goals and uncertainties will lead to solutions instead of problems.

In our one-day Cloud Advisory Workshop, we’ll provide participants with a common information base, lessons learned, and best practices on how other customers have made the journey and what issues need to be considered.

In addition to IT security and compliance, operating models, distributed responsibilities, setting up CCCs, training methods and knowledge building, and many other topics, the compact workshop will also address your individual questions.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a solid information base, enabling them to better evaluate undesirable developments in their own organizations and, if necessary, immediately identify solutions.

Cloud Baselining

Many customers are on the verge of moving to the cloud, but don’t know what to tackle first and how to go about it. Or they are already on their way, but are encountering hurdles that need to be avoided.

Cloud Baselining helps you build the foundation for your cloud journey. Our facilitated, content-rich workshops enable your teams to define a common vision for the cloud journey. Cloud Baselining captures IT security, governance, compliance, architecture, and operational requirements and integrates them into a joint roadmap. In the end, we’ll have a jointly derived and harmonized roadmap.

This format is also well suited for consolidating existing initiatives and bringing them into a uniform structure to create a uniform cloud roadmap.

Cloud Journey Acceleration

Are you ready to move to the cloud, but you know there’s still a lot of preliminary work to do?

No problem at all. We have a unique offer to accelerate your cloud journey:


Using AWS Control Tower and our proven IaC implementation methods and documentation capabilities, we’ll create an AWS landing zone with the highest level of security The setup usually takes only a few days, depending on the extent to which we’re allowed to involve our customers’ internal experts. Of course, we’ll also consider the needs of your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), your Data Protection Officer (DPO), and other relevant positions to ensure that these key roles are always involved in the design and implementation.



In the same week, we’ll switch that environment to safe operational mode and take over all operational tasks using our proven “Sleep Well” approach. This will give the customers the opportunity to lay the groundwork for building their cloud operating roles at their own pace – and we’ll be right there to share best practices and lessons learned. In the meantime, we’ll take care of all customer needs and concerns.



At the end of the week, we’ll assign an AWS technical AWS expert to be your single point of contact (SPoC) for all your requests, whether from IT, business departments, development or even AWS Proof-of-Concept teams (as part of the “Rent a Cloud Engineer” approach). Depending on your specific needs, this could be an AWS engineer or even an AWS architect with the highest AWS certification. This gives our customers immediate access to AWS expertise within their own organization – without the need to bring in and train specialists from other areas at great expense, or even to build such a position from scratch.

Best of all, behind the scenes, you’ve access to additional Skaylink experts who not only have deep AWS knowledge, but also have extensive digitalization experience that goes far beyond AWS technology.

As a result, whether you’re a highly regulated customer or a demanding midsize business, you can set up a robust AWS landing zone in just one week, meeting stringent IT security and governance requirements. You’ll then have time to plan your future cloud organization in the background and make the necessary decisions – we’ll be happy to advice you individually.

In the meantime, we’ll help you get ready to deploy to AWS in a matter of days. We’ll help you for as long as it takes to plan and implement the necessary measures.


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