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A capable AWS cloud needs a secure, well-architected framework 
– Skaylink has everything taken care of for maximum peace of mind.

Your partner for AWS security architecture

An AWS cloud is a powerful tool – but that just makes security all the more important. You don’t need to worry: Our AWS cloud security experts have expertise in technical implementation, compliance, data protection, and all-round security.

With security always at the forefront of our minds, we build robust and scalable AWS architectures. Our close relationship with AWS means we are always informed on the latest developments and tools, meaning we can also support clients in strictly regulated industries with highly sensitive data.

Our experience with cloud migrations and AWS dates back more than a decade – we were even awarded the status of AWS Advanced Consulting Partner back in 2014. In the time since, we’ve completed many successful projects in a wide range of sectors, including highly regulated industries. We have also continued to enhance our standardized approach to application migration, resulting in established AWS best practices and AWS security architectures – both regularly augmented with our own specialist security expertise.

Clients demand agility and performance while meeting every applicable security and compliance standard around – and we deliver. We apply a tried-and-tested model that can be trusted to reliably tick every box.

Skaylink is with you for the journey – from testing and validating your first use case to managing your ongoing cloud operations and establishing robust compliance and security checks for every conceivable scenario.

Skaylink’s AWS security best practices

Scalable and carefully monitored AWS account infrastructure that maps security and regulatory requirements.

Service catalogs that provide centrally security-tested templates for application designs, network architectures, and infrastructure services.

Automatic provisioning of an isolated application landscape for each service.

A framework applies compliance checks to continuously validate every aspect of the AWS infrastructure based on proven AWS best practices, the latest industry standards, and established benchmarks. Results are shared and reported through a central compliance dashboard.

Automatic provisioning of centralized infrastructure components, such as AWS KMS infrastructure, AWS Identity Management, Log Management, storage, and evaluation of AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config.

Proprietary and low-maintenance solutions that address known security requirements where there is no existing AWS service to perform the same task (e.g. URL filtering of outbound network traffic).

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Make your cloud a fortress with Skaylink

In a time where cyberthreats and data leaks regularly make national headlines, you’d better do your best to lock your digital doors.

Even the most physically capable security personnel appreciate the help of digital tools and added people power – the cyber world is no different.

Let us make the hard task of AWS security and compliance that little bit easier.

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