Application modernization

Modernizing applications for future-proofed operations

Revitalize your software infrastructure to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies, unlocking possibilities and adding agility while retaining the functionality and familiarity of trusted legacy systems.

Why modernize your applications?

Application modernization is all about updating and improving existing applications to align with current standards and business needs. Where required, this can also involve migrating to modern infrastructure that supports powerful new technologies. This can increase efficiency, reliability, and agility, while positioning you to scale with the growing demands of a digital economy.

Failure to modernize your applications can be a considerable business risk – reducing your efficiency, agility, scalability, and competitiveness. It can also make your systems vulnerable to cyberthreats, as security updates for legacy technologies may be limited.
But it’s not all about what you might lose – it’s also about the opportunities.

Opportunities with application modernization

Boost performance

Experience the benefits of greater responsiveness, scalability, and resource optimization that come with more modern approaches.

Enrich user experience

Support improved user interfaces and additional functions in line with the expectations of today for better user experience.

Reduce costs

Ease manual workloads, optimize resource usage, and reduce maintenance with cloud-native technologies to lower your expenses.

Increase agility

Adapt better to changing needs by reducing complexity, leading to easier updates, feature enhancements, and deployments.

Better security
Enhance security and ease the burden of compliance and data protection with more modern approaches and technologies – reducing your vulnerability to cyber threats.

Improve compatibility 

Be better equipped to integrate your applications with other systems and services for better interoperability collaboration across your organization and beyond.

Future-proof operations 

Adopt modern technologies and architectures to future-proof your operations for long-term dependability and stable performance.

Competitive advantage

Gain a competitive edge by being able to deliver more innovative features faster, better, and more reliably than your competitors.

Your path to modernization

Assess what needs modernizing

Skaylink works with you to evaluate your current application landscape and infrastructure. We nail down what works, what doesn’t, what’s inefficient, and where improvements can be made.

Together, we clarify the business goals driving your modernization and consider how to realize them. Then we clarify what’s possible and start examining your options.

Plan your modernization journey

We define clear objectives for your modernization journey.
Skaylink develops a roadmap for the process, outlining key milestones and timelines and what you can expect. We also identify the necessary resources, budget, and stakeholders for each part.

Dependencies are considered to ensure minimum disruption on implementation. KPIs and other metrics are outlined to help us better measure success, track progress, and spy room for optimization.

Modernize and migrate

We apply appropriate modernization strategies and approaches (e.g., rehost, refactor, rearchitect) to create the results you want. Our experts make the necessary changes and upgrades to your applications and infrastructure.

As needed, we migrate data and workloads to modern platforms and IT environments, using a phased approach to minimize disruption. Then we follow through with ongoing testing and validation to ensure proper functionality and performance.

Modernize your applications with Skaylink


Make the most of Skaylink’s modernization expertise in the way that best suits you:

  • Assess your application landscape
  • Develop a modernization strategy
  • Define your modernization roadmap

Learn application modernization best practices directly from our experts:

  • Courses on best practices, tools, and technologies
  • Hands-on training for development teams
  • Tailored courses on new technologies

Hand the task over to our modernization specialists for maximum peace of mind:

  • Application- and systems-level modernization
  • Migration to modern platforms
  • Refactoring of legacy systems


Step up your systems with Skaylink

Your applications infrastructure can be your competitive edge – not a rusty, blunt instrument that will crack under pressure.

Skaylink’s modernization experts are familiar with all the latest technologies and know exactly how to make them work for you.

Isn’t it time you discovered what your applications can do in the right hands? Speak to our application modernization experts.