Cloud-native development

Beyond optimization - create cloud-native applications

Make the most out of your cloud investment by adopting a cloud-native approach – and start unleashing the benefits of cloud technologies for agile development, flexible deployment, and scalable operations.

Why is ‘cloud-native’ the ideal?

While most legacy applications can be made to work in the cloud, cloud-native applications are designed for it. They are designed to take advantage of all the technologies, flexibilities, and service models of the cloud. Enable agile working methods with cloud development, flexible deployment with containerization, and easy scaling with pay-as-you-go cloud services.

Bringing existing applications onto the cloud doesn’t automatically make them cloud-native. Without proper adaptation, cloud-enabled legacy applications won’t be able to leverage all the benefits of their new environment. 

Skaylink has extensive experience developing cloud-native software for both clients and internal use. Hire us for our wide-ranging expertise in areas such as app modernization, CI/CD pipelines, and integrating public cloud services in secure hybrid cloud environments – and we’ll get you speaking cloud like a native in no time.

How does an organization go cloud-native?

Evolving software architecture

Cloud-native applications are designed for continuous evolution of software architecture and development tools, especially in mission-critical areas. 
This includes establishing CI/CD pipelines for seamless development and deployment.

Cultural transformation

Organizations must embrace a culture of continuous change and introduce appropriate workflows and processes to foster a dynamic, agile work culture. Cloud-native development requires more than a technological shift – it’s about organizational transformation.

Containerization and operations

Containers have revolutionized software development and deployment, enabling next-level cloud-native transformation. Organizations should consider how to integrate containerization in their pursuit of cloud-native architecture and operational models.

Cloud-native CI/CD pipelines

Meticulous analysis of your current application development and deployment processes will reduce errors for a smooth market launch. We craft automation tools to support your CI/CD processes, implementing automated testing procedures and services.

Transforming your organization’s work culture

A cloud-native organization must first foster a culture of continuous change and improvement, implementing the right workflows and processes for successful transformation.

That’s why Skaylink works with its clients to establish a Cloud Competence Center: a center of excellence to guide you through your cultural changes while ensuring full organizational and regulatory compliance. 

We provide tailored solutions to support your cloud-native transformation, even establishing an organizational framework at the heart of your operations. With over a decade of experience implementing effective cloud governance both with and on behalf of our clients, we are perfectly positioned to help you enact the cultural changes you need.

DevSecOps Workbench

Need some specialist assistance at the convergence of development, operations, and even QA and security? Speak to our experts to learn more about our specially designed DevSecOps Workbench.

Optimizing your operating model

Containers can be the foundation of your cloud-native transformation – when fully optimized, integrated, and supported by Kubernetes – the powerful all-in-one tool for container orchestration.

Given the increasing complexity and speed of innovation, any organization must seriously consider making cloud-native technologies an integral part of their IT strategy. The flexibility, performance, versatility and interoperability they offer is not to be missed.

Skaylink’s seasoned experts acknowledge that going cloud native is about more than just the technology – we take a comprehensive approach to transform your organizational structure, operations, and culture accordingly.

While Docker and Kubernetes have established industry standards for containerization and orchestration, Skaylink’s real expertise lies in tailoring container platforms to the needs of the organization. This allows us to simultaneously facilitate your adoption of new methodologies (open, agile, distributed, automated), new operational models (SRE, DevOps), and new architectural concepts (microservices, API-driven, platforms) in your organization.

Container transformation framework

Skaylink has developed a framework to assess if and to what extent containerization can be effectively integrated into your organization, based on your existing IT infrastructure.

Container starter pack

Our container starter pack provides an opportunity for us to work together to containerize your first application while training your employees and validating your IT strategy. Guided through the first stages of containerization, we set you on the right course.


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