Our method frameworks

Skaylink’s methodological frameworks are based on the experience gained from a large number of projects and customer implementations. They map important success factors, guide and accelerate our work and thus ensure optimal quality for our customers.

Practical method frameworks

There is nothing more practical than a good theory

“There is nothing more practical than a good theory!”
The statement comes from social psychologist Kurt Lewin. We think he’s right. Successful practical action that is not just accidental is based on a theory of what the relationship is between the chosen action and its effects. That’s why we use best-of-breed frameworks that have proven themselves in the field and provide patterns of explanation. We have adapted and developed some of these over the years, and described them in stand-alone Skaylink method frameworks.

„A Fool With a Tool is Still a Fool“
We experience the truth of this quote often enough. If we only work methodologically, then we are working with a tool without understanding exactly what it is for and how to use it. At Skaylink we work differently. Here, we also have the respective instructions for use. Our frameworks are designed to be actionable in all situations. They map important success factors, guide and accelerate our work and thus ensure optimal quality for our customers.

Method Frameworks

Skaylink Cloud Framework

The Skaylink Cloud Framework relies on a unique automation logic and set of methods to build complex cloud systems worldwide in a short time and thus digitally scale business models.

Digital Customer Journey

Our Skaylink Digital Journey Framework is suitable for customers taking the first step into the cloud up to companies that want to solve highly complex use cases with cloud tools.

Digital Work Framework

Successful, collaborative digital work only emerges from the triad of “mindset”, “skillset” and “toolset”. Our comprehensive framework includes analysis tools and proven workshop formats.

Our Services

Why do companies choose Skaylink? Because they want a partner with experience and expertise to step into their cloud journey at any time and reliably take them to their destination.

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