Infrastructure Services

Architecting the appropriate infrastructure is central to any digital project. We advise you with best practices, support your implementation, integration, and management. We build flexible solutions – both on-premises, any data centers as well as single or multi-cloud environments. 

Architecture is the foundation of any digital solution

Well-Architected Optimization

With options for virtualizing existing systems, it is becoming increasingly easy to move workloads to cloud environments. The so-called “lift-and-shift” approach, in which applications are migrated without adjustments, is only a starting point of any digital transformation. The full potential lies in leveraging a cloud-first architecture. Well-Architected is the cornerstone of any project we engage in – starting with a careful analysis of existing systems. Focusing on two key questions to ensure scalability and cost savings: Which components allow for a seamless migration? Which should be reconfigured or modernized? 

Architecture Assessment

We assess existing as well as planned system architectures in relation to the latest industry standards and best practices for implementation and optimization 

Cloud-ready Architecture design

We redesign the existing solution setup and enable migration to the cloud. Always in focus: the most cost-effective and optimal end-to-end solution for your needs.

Cloud Architecture Optimization

To realize the full potential of the cloud beyond pure “lift and shift”, we can design your cloud setup from the ground and up. 

Outsourced or on-site: custom-fit solutions for individual requirements

Colocation & Edge Integration

For a long time, control and security mechanisms were at the forefront of in-house data configuration. But the enormous potential of outsourcing – in terms of cost savings, for example – has culminated in recent years in the migration of entire data centers to cloud systems. However, colocation, that is, housing servers and IT systems in data centers, and other edge-based systems outside the cloud remain viable alternatives, as high-performance computing and decentralized digital solutions sometimes require local or even site-specific systems.

Combine architecture options sensibly

Edge & On-Premises Support

We manage on-the-edge and on-premises systems in combination with other solutions, integrate them and ensure that all components work together.

Data Center Services

Business-critical systems outsourced to dedicated data centers require first-class support. We are your partner for this.

Cloud First Environments

No matter the mix of cloud, data center and edge technologies, we ensure integration and operations for all stakeholders.


Edge & On-Premises Support


Data Center Services


Cloud First Environments

What no cloud provider will tell you

Managed Multi Cloud Services

nterprises spend a lot of time selecting cloud providers and migrating data. t the same time, cloud providers compete to offer the most attractive deal, often offering special discounts for future workloads. But what no other cloud provider will tell you is that multi-cloud environments are inevitable! More and more businesses are turning to cloud-based applications, and the desire for digital collaboration is growing. With that comes the need to collaborate between different cloud environments. That means business partner and customer applications need to be integrated into cloud setups. There is also an important technical reason for the multi-cloud foundation: failover. A cloud solution that relies on multiple providers and a heterogeneous architecture is much less susceptible to single points of failure, i.e., outages of the entire system. It is also much more resistant to cyber attacks.

Multi CloudSetups

Multi cloud setups are not a question of “if”, but only a question of “when”. That’s why heterogeneous cloud solutions are already the norm for us.

Multi Cloud IntegrationServices

Integrating single-cloud solutions into multi-cloud environments is a challenge. We take it on and network all parties involved.

Multi CloudManagement

As a neutral partner, we manage multi-cloud systems based on multiple providers, ensuring stability and resilience.

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