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M365 Copilot

Your personal AI assistant with insider knowledge

We are your partner for the successful implementation of M365 Copilot

Every company has a helpful team member who is always in the know and to whom all employees can turn with their questions. With Microsoft 365 (M365) Copliot, that person is always at your side as your personal AI assistant. Copilot has access to your company’s knowledge and makes it available to you. Any information you are authorized to access is available to the AI assistant. It combines ChatGPT, Large Language Models (LLMs) and your own company data. Copilot is integrated into Microsoft 365 applications such as Outlook, Teams, Excel and Word.

In addition, Copilot enables you to sustainably optimize your day-to-day work through automation.

To ensure that your users only have access to the information they are authorized to see when using Copilot, you should review your privacy and compliance configurations in advance. Our Skaylink experts will be happy to help.

Your benefits

Be an early adopter for more growth

Be one of the first companies to bring the benefits of AI to your collaboration.

Innovation – yes, but in a safe way

Leverage all of your organization’s knowledge – but everyone has access only to the information they are authorized to use.

Sustainable increase in productivity

M365 Copilot frees you from routine tasks.

Optimized user experience

Provide your employees with a modern work environment.

Skaylink M365 Copilot Adoption Roadmap

Choose from our Microsoft 365 Copilot Assessments:

Together with our experts, you will determine how you can maximize the potential of M365 Copilot in your company.

First contact and guidance


  • Discover features during a demo session
  • Unlock the value and benefits of Copilot
  • Identify readiness gaps in security and productivity
  • Outline the next steps to be taken


Workshop duration:

2 to 4 hours

Identify the value and benefits of Copilot and help build an AI-powered workplace strategy:

  • Demonstrate the art of the possible – how Copilot can evolve digital capabilities
  • Assess the current state of the digital workplace IT strategy
  • Identify how AI and Copilot can unlock the full potential of the digital workplace
  • Identify business stakeholders and expectations for the AI-powered workplace and outline a transformation strategy
  • Start to develop a possible business case and frame the required investment and ROI
  • Create a high-level roadmap and actionable timeline


The strategy assessment consists of 4 parts:

  1. Demo Workshop to present the art of the possible with a focus on IT strategy
  2. Strategy Workshop to assess the current digital workplace strategy and identify necessary adjustments
  3. Summarize the findings in appropriate documents
  4. Results Presentation Workshop


Customer audience:
Chief Information Officers, Workplace Service Owners, Business Decision Makers

Skaylink participants:

Digital Work Strategy Consultants, Solution Architects

Demonstrate the value and benefits of M365 Copilot and identify high-value scenarios:

  • Present the art of the possible through demo workshops – how Copilot can evolve digital work for employees
    • Focus on a day in the life of a business user
    • Unlock productivity when using Copilot in Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel etc.
    • Unleash creativity when using Copilot in SharePoint, Viva, PowerPoint, Word, Designer, Bing Chat for Enterprise, etc.
  • Assess the key business scenarios
    • Identify the key stakeholders and business departments
    • Identify top personas, high-value scenarios and key use cases
    • Interview 3 business departments in Use Case Discovery Workshops
  • Recommend end-user readiness actions
    • Identify necessary change and adoption campaigns
    • Find a training and champion concept
    • Create a roadmap and timeline to get business users ready

The Use Case Discovery Assessment consists of 6 parts:

  1. Planning Workshop for the Use Case Discovery format
  2. Use Case Discovery Workshop for 2 or 3 key business departments
  3. Aggregation of Use Case Discovery Workshops
  4. Planning Workshop for the change & adoption roadmap
  5. Summary of findings in an appropriate change and adoption concept
  6. Presentation Workshop of results

Customer audience:
Business Decision Makers, Business Department Representatives, Workplace Service Owners

Skaylink participants:

Digital Work Strategy Consultants, User Experience Consultants

Get data, security and governance ready and show gaps:

  • Demonstrate the art of the possible – how Copilot works with a focus on IT and information security
  • Assess the M365 tenant for Copilot readiness
  • Check office applications for readiness
  • Identify Copilot-relevant data
    • Data that already exists in M365 (e.g. Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange)
    • Data that does not exist in M365 but is relevant to Copilot (e.g. file servers)
    • Analyze data permissions, volumes, structures, and information architecture
  • Find core security and protection gaps
    • Analyze relevant data permission structures and possible data oversharing
    • Analyze data protection, labeling, and data loss prevention configuration
    • Identify required changes in security and data governance
  • Identify core compliance and privacy concerns
    • Review Microsoft licensing for Microsoft 365 Suite, Copilot, Teams Premium, Syntex
    • Create a roadmap and timeline for data security readiness

The assessment consists of 4 parts:

  1. Demo Workshop to present the art of the possible
  2. Analysis and Readiness Workshop with a focus on:
    a) Identifying Copilot-relevant data
    b) Tenant setup and data security
    c) Endpoints and Office Enterprise Apps
    d) Compliance and privacy concerns
  3. Summary of findings and documentation of solution architecture
  4. Results Presentation Workshop

Customer audience
Workplace Service Owners, Chief Information Service Officers, Data and Security Owners

Skaylink participants:
Data Security Consultants, Compliance Consultants

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Why should Skaylink be your partner for Microsoft 365 Copilot?

  • More than 25 years of experience in the successful implementation of Microsoft projects
  • As a participant in Microsoft Technology Adoption programs (TAP), we test new developments for you, including AI applications such as Microsoft Copilot
  • Customers from nearly all industries and of all sizes with focuses in the fields of automotive, finance & insurance, healthcare, industry, logistics, retail & commerce, travel & hospitality
  • Microsoft certified experts
  • Deep roots in the Microsoft community: Microsoft Fast Forward program, Partner Advisory Council, IAMCP member

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