Collaborative Services

Collaboration and network effects are the driving forces of digital business. We use digital work technologies and methods to take your business to unimagined levels of collaboration – internally as well as externally with partners and customers.

Securing a head start in a constantly changing world

Digital learning as a catalyst for sustainable digitization

The introduction of digital ways of working in your organization is closely linked to a change in learning habits. We help your employees internalize a new way of sharing knowledge and digital learning and apply it in their daily practice. The path to a successful digital organization is paved by a modern learning culture. We support you in developing basic curricula and accompany you in introducing digital learning technologies and building a self-reinforcing learning community.

Digital Curricula

We enable you to build the right digital curricula. This includes digital basics as well as procedural and social learning.

Digital Learning Tools

The choice of learning technologies determines the success of a collaborative learning culture. We advise you on selection and implementation.

Digital Learning Communitys

We initiate and moderate digital learning communities to establish modern learning habits.

Establish digital transformation as a self-reinforcing process

Digital Work Adoption & Change Management

The success of digital transformations lies in the acceptance of new working techniques with the majority of employees. We build a culture around digital workings and knowledge transfer in your organization and establish it as the basis for sustainable growth and success. How can digital work be scaled in a cost-saving way? Establish digital transformation as a self-reinforcing process. The use of traditional change management techniques, such as hierarchical instructions or face-to-face training, does not lead to the goal in digital transformation processes. In contrast, we create an operational framework in which employees are not forced to use digital working techniques but discover the advantages of digital working for their area of responsibility and are self-motivated to adopt and help shape the digital working style. By opening up to new ideas, providing opportunities for experimentation, and introducing practical suggestions for improvement throughout the organization, important network effects are created. We use these to firmly anchor digital working in your company.

Adoption & Change Management

Digital Mindset

We offer introductory workshops for key people who do not yet feel confident with digital working techniques.  

Digital Workspace Plattforms

Digital work requires the right digital applications. We support you in the selection and implementation according to your business requirements.  

Digital Work Scouts

We train digital work ambassadors to support as a catalyst. They spread the benefits of digital work to the organization through everyday real use cases. 


Digital Mindset


Digital Workspace Platforms


Digital Work Scouts

From digital communication to digital collaboration

Digital Collaboration Enablement

Digital media enable people to make contacts and communicate with each other. But this is only a first step. The primary goal of digital technology is to build communities of employees and potentially also partners and customers with common interests and tasks.  We build your communities and manage their growth. You benefit from the resulting network effects. Because communication in the communities ultimately leads to collaboration on concepts, products, and services that create real added value for all participants in a multi-level win-win situation. 

Community Building

For successful intercultural cooperation in the course of digital transformation, we build sustainable communities based on respect and trust.  

Community Management

We moderate the development and thematic focus of your communities according to your business professionals. 

Community Growth

We help you to manage the growth of your communities towards your partners and customers and to use the resulting advantages for your business.  

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