Cloud Platform Services

Cloud platforms are at the heart of every digital solution. That’s why we work closely with innovative manufacturers and providers of cloud technologies. We are constantly developing ourselves, our capabilities, and our know-how. Our competencies are your advantage! 

Managed AWS

Amazon Web Services: The whole world of cloud services

Amazon Web Services offers an unprecedented variety of cloud services – from small to large systems, from simple to complex solutions. In nearly every category, multiple offerings compete for solution designers. The huge range of services guarantees that any requirement can be met. However, it is also a major challenge for cloud architects to select the right combination of all the services, especially given the pricing model, which is not always transparent.  So it’s a matter of moving existing solutions to the AWS cloud, optimizing them for the cloud environment, and integrating them with other offerings to create a multi-cloud solution. We take these typical steps for you and together with you. 

Switching to the cloud

We migrate your systems to the AWS cloud and also support you in all non-technical aspects, such as cost, to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

AWS optimization

We fit your solutions into the AWS Cloud according to your individual requirements. Whether performance, resilience, or cost, we optimize your investment. 

Seamless AWS integration

We network AWS-based solutions with other cloud environments, with on-the-edge components, or with solutions in dedicated data centers and provide seamless integration across the board

We network Microsoft Services with your applications

Managed Microsoft 365 & Teams

Microsoft 365 consists of the well-known Office 365 suite as well as a number of additional tools that enable various forms of digital collaboration. Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are prominent examples, but Whiteboard and Planner as well as Viva as the latest tool also simplify collaboration in companies.    Provided via the Azure cloud, however, we also integrate and network these tools with your existing components if required, whether in the cloud, in data centers, or on-premises, right through to classic telephone integration. We support you every step of the way in this digital transformation. 

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft 365 & Teams Management

Smooth functionality of Microsoft Teams requires numerous software components. We manage all the resources it takes to make this happen.

Office 365 Management 

We manage your infrastructure and implementation for using Office 365 so that all components work together like clockwork. 


Viva Management

With Microsoft Viva, 365-services grow by a whole new software layer. We configure all components and manage them for you. 


Microsoft 365 & Teams Management


Office 365 Management


Viva Management

Azure Cloud: Optimal for Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Via the Azure cloud environment, Microsoft offers basic services that need to be configured for cloud applications. The same applies to dedicated cloud environments or multi-cloud environments with complex setups. The effort required to manage cloud-based environments grows exponentially with their complexity.  One of our solutions is to automate the management tasks to realize the full potential of cloud platforms. This is what our development teams are working hard on, creating new extensions every day for the efficient use of your cloud environments.  

Azure Cloud & Edge

The cloud is transforming every aspect of the business world. Agility, efficiency, and innovation need data-driven approaches and smart combinations of modern cloud services. Microsoft Azure is the fastestgrowing cloud platform and enables innovative combinations of cloud and edge.

Business Application Modernization

Scalable and future-proof solutions based on Microsoft Azure 

Managed Active Directory

We ensure that Active Directory authorization procedures are carefully configured and function correctly and efficiently. 

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