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We enable you to use modern digital work methods based on networked technologies. This enables you to improve processes inside and outside your organization, such as more efficient and automated, yet personal collaboration and communication with partners and customers.

The new role of leadership in the digital economy

Digital leadership requires competence and empathy

Digitalization is changing the way we lead and manage organizations – moving away from hierarchical to network-oriented ways of working. In a networked world, communication is changing ever more rapidly, for example, through the sheer number of connections between participants in an organization or project. Maintaining an overview in complex networks is a challenge for individual members. To overcome this, cooperation and collaboration become a must.

We create network-based forms of collaboration for your teams. In doing so, we establish common perspectives and insights and create win-win situations between employees, partners and customers. This enables your company to communicate and collaborate digitally, to manage the use of digital technologies and to jointly develop new products and services for and with partners and customers. This is your key to success in the digital economy.

Digital Hands-On Workshop

In hands-on workshops, we recreate real business situations to convince everyone involved of the benefits of working digitally.

Leading by Doing

We support executives in actively promoting digital work in your organization so that the transformation succeeds.

Digital Coaching

We coach your executives specifically with the aim of implementing digital working techniques and continuous improvement processes.

Smartphone use does not guarantee digital work

Digital Maturity Check

To be able to work digitally, you need the right applications. But in addition to this being a matter of course, the skills must also be available in an organization to use these applications efficiently. For this, the right attitude towards networked ways of working is elementary.

We assess your organization’s readiness for digital work with regard to several areas. These include, for example: Corporate culture, leadership practices, governance & compliance, processes & procedures, change management, and technologies used in practice.

We measure the extent to which your organization is ready for digital working, determine whether all stakeholders are able to participate, and identify whether the appropriate digital tools are in place. If necessary, we propose effective measures to remedy deficits.

Assessment of the level of digital development

Mindset assessment

We analyze and assess your organization’s mindset through structured interviews with key individuals and employees from all areas.

Skillset measurement

We measure your employees’ ability to adapt digital tools – both through online questionnaires and targeted hands-on sessions.

Toolset evaluation

We capture your system landscape and point out useful additions of digital and collaborative tools.


Mindset assessment


Skillset measurement


Toolset evaluation

Digital Success Factors: Customer Orientation & Collaboration

Mindset and skillset matter in digital business

In most cases, digital transformation begins with a quick installation and configuration of software applications, followed by user training. In such processes, it is only considered very late, if at all, that people’s attitudes toward digital tools and ways of working are crucial to the success of the transformation.

In digital enterprises, the contribution of individuals is important, but the group dynamic that builds on it is the key to success. The number of connections and the ease of communication between participants determine the expression of the network effect.

Creating a good idea is important, but sharing it and bringing it to life together has a much more profound effect. These mechanisms of digital work must be experienced, learned and applied. Only then can Digital Work lead to new product and service innovations and a new era of customer engagement.

Digital Work Experience

We introduce virtual teams to digital work techniques with real use cases. This way, they experience the benefits and learn to appreciate them.

Building digital teams

Successful digital collaboration requires people with the will to work together. We help you build teams with the right mix of character and experience.

Digital Business Generation

Networking creates new revenue potential. The use of digital working techniques leads you to more agile and profitable customer engagements.

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