To offer successful products and services, you need customized and scalable software and cloud solutions. We create and operate these for you using the latest digital technologies and methods. 

Built for and grown to, and maintained in the cloud

Cloud-Native Solution

A central promise of cloud applications is the unlimited scalability of performance and functionality with proportional cost management. To be able to keep this promise, we always closely align your solutions with the latest developments and best practices for cloud services.  We develop software architectures adapted to your needs and take advantage of cloud-based development- and maintenance tools, as well as automation services to ensure quality for cloud solutions. 

Cloud-First Architecture

Cloud-First pursues the goal of exploiting the advantages of cloud environments in a targeted manner. We support you with architectural designs and consulting 

Cloud-Native Design

We design future-proof microservices-based solutions focused on aspects such as scalability, stability, and resilience. 

Cloud Native Implementation & Maintenance

We implement innovative cloud-native solutions ensuring flexible deployment, scalability, and maintainability in multi-cloud environments. 

From "Move to Cloud" to "Cloud First" to "Multi Cloud"

Multi Cloud Integration

Among the promises of the digital economy is the scalability of business with minimal constraints from physical boundaries. This is where cloud-based solutions have their strength. Anyone doing digital business will sooner or later need to connect and integrate their solutions with other systems. That’s why multi-cloud environments are the norm, not the exception, in the digital future.  

We support your cloud journey all the way: We develop the architecture for your multi-cloud solutions, operate them, maintain them and ensure high availability. A must for success in the digital world. 

A cloud-based solution rarely comes alone

Multi cloud architecture

When companies use cloud services from different providers, the IT architecture for this must be carefully designed. We make this possible for you.

Multi-cloud deployment

Multi-cloud solutions mean higher complexity and scaling effects. We establish cross-cloud scaling technologies in your organization.

Multi-cloud failover

Redundancies in multi-cloud solutions make systems resilient. We provide additional load capacity and robustness.


Multi Cloud Architecture


Multi cloud deployment


Multi cloud failover

Development, security and operation - a perfect relationship

DevSecOps Workbench

Today, the close linking of development, security and operation of IT systems, as envisioned by the DevSecOps Workbench methodology, seems self-evident. DevSecOps is therefore the logical consequence of the further development of DevOps. This is because consistently developing software from the outset not only takes development and operation into account, but also integrates security from the outset, offering a number of advantages, such as integrating security requirements at the start of planning rather than after development is complete. With DevSecOps, we ensure that your security policies can be implemented in practice and are realized without any loss of speed in development. We think about the economic efficiency as well as the business processes right from the beginning of a development and integrate appropriate monitoring solutions. The time when development and operation were considered separately and security was secondary is long gone. We help you and your team to build the new methodologies, to work interdisciplinary and to use the digital technologies efficiently. DevSecOps is not just a method of how to develop software, but has a huge overall impact on the way employees work and the company culture. Therefore, at Skaylink, we look at DevSecOps both as a whole, but also at the individual areas
  • People,
  • Processes and
  • Tooling
that you can work out and implement independently.

DevSecOps People

Implementing the DevSecOps mindset is a big task. We use a hands-on approach that facilitates collaboration among your employees to achieve systematic communication, establishing a higher level of quality in daily tasks.

DevSecOps Processes

Once the DevSecOps way of working is established, it is important to constantly optimize it. We support and coach you for continuous development.

This also includes optimizing the collaboration of tools and employees. To this end, we work with you to model processes that are optimally aligned to your needs and relieve employees of their day-to-day challenges.

DevSecOps Tooling

For DevSecOps, you need the right tools and the right infrastructure. We work with you to develop a suitable tool chain that is best suited to your systems. We also analyze your existing tools and see if they can be chained together in an automated way to improve communication between tools without human intervention.

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