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Cloud solutions in the automotive industry – The networked automotive industry

Cloud solutions accelerate the digital transformation in the automotive industry. Processes can be optimized and accelerated; the networked vehicle becomes a reality. We are happy to support you during digitalization with our experience and our expertise.

Your advantages

Big data and machine learning

Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the basis for an intelligent factory. We have extensive experience in all of these fields, as well as in monitoring various manufacturing and engineering systems.

App migration & modernization

As part of digitalization, numerous applications need to be modernized to exploit their full potential. We are happy to advise you on the transition to the cloud and on choosing the best solution (serverless, public or private cloud).

Process optimization

Manufacturing at an ever-growing pace, new market demands and global growth make it difficult to stay on top of the competition. Improvements in process optimization are usually only still possible through digitalization. We are happy to help you with this.

Autonomous driving

Networking vehicles with each other and connecting them to traffic lights, traffic jam warning systems and infrastructure has great potential and facilitates autonomous driving. We have already gained initial experience in the field of commercial vehicles.

Examples of success (excerpt)

Digital Transformation of the BMW Group

Find out in our case study how the Skaylink experts helped to digitally transform the BMW Group.

Daimler AG

Find out more about the migration process to Microsoft Exchange at Daimler AG

Future-Proof Enterprise Social Network for Continental

Continental is the first enterprise company to migrate Connections to the AWS Cloud

What does Skaylink offer?

  • Excellent partnerships with AWS and Microsoft
  • For more than 10 years, we have been accompanying automotive companies on their journey
  • We understand the industry and support it with our experts who have many years of experience in the key areas: technology, organization and processes, regulations and project management

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