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Cloud Computing and Transition

Your Cloud Journey starts here

We have been developing consulting approaches, transformation processes and methodologies for more than 20 years, well before the emergence of cloud services. Our customers can benefit from our vast wealth of experience and natural consulting instincts. The ultimate goal is always to find the most efficient way to implement the best solution for our customers.

For this purpose, we work closely together with our partners Microsoft (M365/O365 & Azure) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We plan your cloud

We provide support for your existing cloud strategy or can develop a tailored strategy for your company.

We would be happy to support you on your cloud journey; with a review of your current infrastructure, in ongoing operation with our managed services or in an individual project.

We help you start using the (public) cloud and can design a customized cloud strategy for your business if needed.

We migrate your workloads to the cloud

We can help you plan your cloud migration and also assist you with the technical implementation.

These terms stand for “lift and shift” scenarios of varying complexity and open up the topic of cloud in an infrastructure-oriented way. We support the respective process models of our partners AWS and Microsoft Azure.

In most cases, the more sustainable lever for cloud migration is to look at the application landscape and also make a conscious decision to make the applications themselves “cloud-ready” or even “cloud-native”.

We modernize your IT to become cloud-native

We help you unlock and utilize all the potentials of cloud technologies.

Bringing existing applications 1:1 to the cloud does not make them “cloud-native”. Especially in applications that are mission-critical to your business, it will also be a question of developing software architecture and development tools to the point of establishing a CI/CD pipeline.

Establishing a continuous change culture and introducing appropriate workflows and processes is a core task in organizational transformation.

The introduction of containers has permanently changed both software development and software operations and should be thoroughly considered.

We help you operate your cloud workloads in an efficient and regulatory-compliant manner

To operate productive workloads in the (public) cloud, it is necessary to ensure cost-efficient operation and to consider the necessary regulatory requirements.

We recommend that you establish an appropriate Cloud Competence Center in your company. This will enable all cloud activities to be coordinated cleanly and standards to be developed. It also serves as a focal point for the business units’ cloud activities.

Your production workloads in the public cloud must meet both the legal requirements for protection of personal data (privacy) and your industry-specific and corporate governance and compliance requirements. Skaylink has many years of experience in highly regulated industries.

Using the capabilities of (public) cloud providers functionally and also cost-efficiently requires a continuous improvement process in the form of cost control and optimization of operational processes. Skaylink has many years of experience in rolling out the necessary work methods and tools to support this undertaking.

Why Skaylink?

  • For more than 20 years, Skaylink has been very closely involved with regulated industries – well before the emergence of the public cloud
  • Outstanding partnerships with AWS and Microsoft
  • We understand the industry and our experienced experts provide support in the following areas: technology, organization and processes, security, governance and compliance, and project management

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