Also convincing in data protection – the AWS Cloud

With Enabling, Skaylink won the DSGVO managers for a cloud project
Many medium-sized companies would like to use the advantages and possibilities of the AWS Cloud – but they often still have concerns about data protection. Knowledge building and education by the experts from Skaylink finally ensured that the customer was convinced to take the step into the cloud in the end. The formula for success: Open questions regarding data protection, security and compliance should not be answered in a purely technical way, but should really address the individual fears and uncertainties.

From Cloud Act to encryption: workshops help with evaluation

Trust in the clouds of US providers has been negatively impacted in particular by the US CLOUD Act. In many companies, there is concern that US providers will have access to customers’ data because of the Act. This would violate European and German data protection laws and could result in severe fines and reputational damage.
Data protection is one of the most important topics of our time. Informational self-determination and security of personal data has a very high priority, especially in the EU. Regarding the cloud (and AWS), there are many questions that require a deep understanding of AWS, DSGVO and security mechanisms. This is what we as Skaylink bring through our experts and can thus take any concern regarding data protection seriously.“ (Nickolas Webb) 

Senior Cloud Security Consultant  

Nickolas Webb

The Skaylink team addressed these aspects together with the customer in two workshops from both a technical and a legal perspective. In the first workshop, the discussion revolved around “Data protection despite US cloud providers”. The legal situation and the current interpretations of the authorities were examined in detail. The second workshop then focused on the topic of “Data protection through AWS”. The specialists explained common AWS services that ensure that data protection guidelines are followed throughout the company. The area of encryption in particular met with great interest among the participants.  
The customer’s concerns were clearly addressed and taken seriously in the open workshops. Uncertainties about how AWS works and functions were thus dispelled. This created trust: The AWS cloud is now the preferred option for the company’s IT infrastructure, even from a data protection perspective. The support from the data protection officers helps the company’s own IT department to create a modern cloud infrastructure.  

Data protection as an important topic on the way to the cloud

Despite all the educational work, the Skaylink experts also know: A customer must want to use the cloud and its opportunities – including those responsible for data protection. This is the only way to find ways to overcome uncertainties and make everyone feel comfortable. For Skaylink, data protection is an important topic on every customer’s cloud journey and must not be pushed aside. Questions are therefore explicitly encouraged. The workshop format helps to discuss together in a structured way and to close knowledge gaps so that cloud projects can be approached with the support of data protection after the workshop.

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